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How To Create An Instagram Landing Page Without LinkTree

how to create an instagram landing page

We’ve discussed before the importance of converting Instagram followers into blog readers. One of the best and easiest ways to do that is with an Instagram landing page on your blog. But instead of using LinkTree, create your own!

By using a 3rd party program, you’re essentially handing over valuable pageviews that will negatively affect your blog stats. We challenge you to pull up your Instagram insights and check under “Activity” and see how many website clicks you get. If you’re not linking to your blog, those are valuable visits you’re losing out on.  Not to mention ad revenue if you have display ads!

Creating an IG landing page is easier than you think. While you can purchase pre-made plugins from designers like EmPress, it’s even easy (and free!) to create one yourself! You can easily create your own using only Gutenberg blocks within WordPress.

Plus, you can customize where you want the reader to click through next and add in shopping widgets and subscribe forms. Just remember, the goal here is to make it easy for your follower to navigate…less is more!

How To Create An Instagram Landing Page Using Gutenberg Blocks

The Gutenberg blocks are a great way to make a standard blog page feel really special. You just have to get a little creative and try out some new blocks. Here are a few that you can use to create a great Instagram landing page.

Button Blocks

To create buttons with text and a link use the Button Block. Choose your colors to make them on-brand. Add text and a link. This is great for quick links like frequently requested blog posts or questions you get from readers.

You can include a link to “latest blog posts” and “shop my LTK” and even “shop my Amazon storefront”. You can simply make a page of buttons if you want and call it a day!

Heading Block

Use the headings block to separate out the sections making it easy to understand what’s what. This also adds your branding throughout the post and helps to define the areas. Maybe add a heading block to share a “shop with me” section and a “most FAQ blog posts”. This helps to organize it all especially if you’re using many buttons on the page.

You can also use the heading block over your HTML or shortcode blocks.

HTML and Shortcode Blocks

If you want to add a widget or your LikeToKnow.it feed, you can insert HTML or shortcode easily. Make sure to add a heading to this section so your readers know what they’re looking at. You can see how easy that is and looks here!

You can also use the HTML block to add your Flodesk HTML code to grow your subscriber list. Easily create an inline form in Flodesk and copy and paste the html code into your landing page! PS learn more about why we love Flodesk here.

Column Block

We love the column block for adding a few images to this type of page. Maybe you have some images you want to share, or blog posts. Just add an image and create a link to it. You can also add text to one side with buttons as well. We love the column block and all the things you can do with it! Below is an example of how you can create a column block using images, text, HTML and even buttons!

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The Best Plugin For Link In Bio

If you don’t want to go the DIY route for your link in bio, there is a solution! I absolutely love the EmPres plugin for the link in bio feature. We use it here at The Blog Societies.

It can pull your latest blog post, or a specific post to live at the top. Plus, you can add a row of buttons with links. In addition to buttons, you can even add your favorite shopping widget or images with links. The customizations are really endless here. You can see several ways to do that with these EmPress demos.

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