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Why We Switched From Mailchimp To Flodesk

why we switched from mailchimp to flodesk - benefits to using flodesk

You hear all the time about how important it is to have a strong email list for your brand. Sure your social platforms like Instagram and Twitter are helpful to get eyeballs to your site, you also don’t “own” them.

An email list, that is what you own. So having a solid newsletter plan is essential to growing your business and engaging with your audience.

For a while, a lot of us bloggers and influencers really only used Mailchimp. We considered it to be the only viable option for us simply because it was all we had known. Well, we were SO wrong! Ever since we discovered Flodesk, it has forever changed our email marketing game.

Let’s be honest, Mailchimp is/was the worst. Flodesk is an email marketing platform that helps you easily make newsletters that people actually WANT to get in their inbox.

That’s why today, we’re sharing 7 reasons why we switched from MailChimp to Flodesk for all our newsletter needs!

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7 Reasons Why We Switched From Mailchimp To Flodesk

Flodesk Is User-Friendly

If you ever used MailChimp, I’m sure you’ve experienced frustration from all the tags, lists, contacts and the like. There were so many changes constantly happening, you never really knew what was going on.

We love that Flodesk is insanely user-friendly. From creating templates to segmenting your subscriber list and even creating forms.

You can create an email marketing campaign in minutes from lead generation form, to workflows and segments, that is easy to do and beautiful.

Aesthetically Pleasing & On Brand Templates

The number one reason we love Flodesk is how beautiful their pre-made templates on. Something that Mailchimp never had was templates that were at all relevant, let alone beautiful.

You can easily update the pre-made templates, create your own with their layout blocks and text for an on-brand and beautiful newsletter.

You can even set your brand colors so you can easily update templates with your branding in seconds. This is one of the main reasons why we switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk, gorgeous easy to use templates!

PS we also LOVE that it pulls in your Instagram feed. MailChimp has been around for how many years and never seemed to figure this one out.

Price – Flodesk Is Affordable!

The thing we love the most, is the price! Since this program is in Beta, they’re running a great special to get 50% off the unlimited monthly price for your first year.

So for only $19/month, you can get all the subscribers and templates you want for your first year. You can also try it out 30 days for free to see if you like it! And we promise you will.

Also, Flodesk won’t charge you more for more subscribers. We felt every few months, MailChimp was upping our fees and changing the pricing tier. One flat rate, that’s it. That’s the beauty of Flodesk.


Getting a hold of MailChimp support was basically impossible. With Flodesk you can not only get quick helpful support, but you can also be a part of their Facebook Group to also get ideas and support from like-minded creatives.

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Easier To Use Workflows

Having workflows for a welcome sequence when someone signs up is crucial to building community and increasing your open rates. You want to build a connection with your audience, and creating a nurturing workflow sequence is essential.

There are several workflow templates to choose from or create your own. We recommend sending at least 3 emails to your audience once they sign up. One to welcome them, one to introduce yourself and your brand, and lastly, one that shows them what they can expect from you.

You can learn more about the importance of a welcome sequence and ways to set up your workflows here.

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Beautiful & Mobile Friendly Pop Up Forms

When you look at the stats of sign up rates through Mailchimp popups (or any other platform for that matter) versus the Flodesk mobile-friendly ones, the numbers don’t lie.

Our subscriber rate has increased beyond anything we’ve ever seen with Mailchimp or other newsletter pop up forms. And just like anything else with Flodesk, they’re easy to customize and beautiful. You can even make in-line forms to include on pages and posts, like below!

Flodesk Social Forms

Forget using LinkTree or buying a plugin to create a social media link in bio landing page. Flodesk has social forms that make it really easy to create beautiful landing pages with a workflow and links. Learn more about how to make these here.

Flodesk Analytics

Flodesk has launched analytics so you can better analyze your data from open rates, to seeing big picture which emails are being opened and clicked. It allows you to better understand the data from opens, to clicks and beyond.

One thing we love to look at is our form analytics. Which ones are getting submissions and how many. You may see that one form is getting far more signups than others, what makes them different? These are great insights to have as you plan out your opt-ins, freebies and workflows.

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