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Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

best ad networks for bloggers

One of the best ways to generate passive, recurring income, is through displaying ads on your blog and website. The way it works is the more pageviews you have, the more ads can be displayed to readers.

As a publisher (that’s you the blogger) you then generate revenue based on those ads being displayed and if people click on them. It’s an easy way to generate some revenue for your business. And it’s another reason why we love growing our pageviews and not handing over traffic to services like LinkTree.

Here are some of the best ad networks for bloggers or publishers of any kind to consider looking into to make some extra money without doing a thing!

What Are The Best Ad Networks For Bloggers To Join?

Google AdSense

Typically this is the platform many of us get started on. It’s easy to install, works for any amount of traffic and is backed by Google. If you don’t want to be on Google AdSense, or have been kicked off the platform (this can happen if you have too many similar clicks to ads, it’s happened to me!), the rest of this list are good Google AdSense alternatives for bloggers.


Mediavine is a popular one and requires 50,000 pageviews minimum. As well as good standing with Google AdSense. They also employ lazy loading of ads which helps to keep your site from slowing down. This means they display as you scroll.

Journey by Mediavine

Mediavine recently launched a new program for small publishers generating around 10,000 monthly pageviews called Journey. For those who may not yet hit the Mediavine traffic threshold, this is a great way to get on the platform and eventually move to Mediavine.


If you have under 10,000 pageviews, Ezoic is the perfect platform to sign up with. If you have more, they also have a program for you. But this is a great one to start out on if you have less than 10k views. Plus, their minimum payout is only $20.


If you have over 10,000 pageviews, but less than 100 or 50,000, this may be the ad network for you. SheMedia requires around 20,000 pageviews.

This is the platform I have been on for many years, and The Blog Societies is also on it. I think until you can get to a higher monthly pageivew to get on Mediavine, this is your best option.


Media.net offers contextual ads and display ads. Contextual ads are based off the content that you’re writing about. Media.net is also giving you 10% more on your earnings for the first 3 months you sign up.

They require a minimum of 10,000 pageviews, but would suggest applying if you have slightly fewer as they may approve you.


This is definitely one of the larger-scale ad networks. AdThrive has a minimum pageview requirement of 100,000 monthly pageviews.

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How Many Pageviews Do I Need To Start Using Ads?

Each ad network will have varying minimum traffic requirements. Anywhere from 10,000 pageviews a month, to 100,000. For smaller publishers, or those just getting started, there are a few advertising network options for smaller publishers, or those just getting started.

The two best ones to join if you are just starting out are Google AdSense or Ezoic. Typically, these will be your best bet for getting approved.

Do I Need To Know Any Tech Stuff To Run Ads On My Site?

Not at all! Ad networks just have you download their plugin so that they can run the ads. It may take some setup and fine tuning your settings, but most of these networks will have easy to walk through tutorials or a help center for you. It’s unlikely you’ll need to understand any sort of code besides copying and pasting code from a step by step tutorial.

Our Number One Tip

When installing ads on your site, it is important to view your website in detail as a reader. You are the best advocate your blog and sometimes ad platforms won’t check to make sure your ads aren’t interfering with the user experience.

Go through your top blog posts, play around on your pages and make sure the ads aren’t covering up your content. This happens often and will hurt your traffic and reader experience over time.

Now that you know all about ads and ad revenue for your blog, it’s time to enroll in a platform so you can start seeing the ad revenue come in!

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