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How To Find And Work With A Photographer

how to find and work with a blog photographer

Blogging was once just about the written word and storytelling and has quickly evolved to photography being just as, if not more important to your success. Being able to capture beautiful imagery to go along with the story you’re telling makes it that much more compelling. Not everyone is a professional photographer, nor has a close friend or significant other to easily capture your images for blog and social. Today we’ll share how to find and work with a photographer in your area, and while you travel!

How To Find And Work With A Photographer

How To Find A Photographer

You can begin your search by starting out on Instagram looking for specific hashtags. Usually, just your city plus photographer is a great place to start #AtlantaPhotographer #CharlestonPhotographer and so on.  You’ll stumble onto photographer’s accounts and end up down an Internet rabbit hole quickly. Another easy way to discover photographers is to see who in your area is tagging photographers.  Fellow bloggers, influencers or brands, restaurants, and so on. You’d be surprised how many people know their way around a camera!

How To Reach Out To Photographers

Once you’ve come up with a few people whose work you like, send them an email to connect. We encourage you to introduce yourself as a blogger in the area and that you admire their work (or at least we hope you did!). Let them know you’re looking to work with a photographer for your blog and that you’d love to find an agreement that’s mutually beneficial.   A few things to include in your reach out email should be:

  • Your blog, link to your site, and social
  • Where you found them
  • Schedule – Is this a one-time thing (travel) or an ongoing agreement. If it’s the latter, include how often you are looking to shoot and the usual length of sessions
  • Reference previous work with other photographers – i.e. Here’s some work I did with a local photographer in XYZ city and am looking to capture similar images.
  • Ask what their rate is and offer to negotiate if necessary

Provide A Contract

We always encourage influencers working with photographers to sign contracts with photographers. Usually, photographers have a very unique contract that they use with their clients. But as influencers, these contracts are a bit different. We have an example one to use in our Library (members only!). A few things to always include in a contract are below.

  • Payment terms
  • Cancellation and reschedule policy
  • Photo turn around time and any reshoot clauses
  • Rights of usage for image licensing and Whitelisting
  • Anticipated turnaround times

You can download our photography contract guide in our Library here. This is for members only and if you’re interested in becoming a member please apply here.

Blog And Photographer Etiquette Tips

Always keep in mind that the photographer’s work goes well beyond the hour-long shoot you’ve planned and that they’re a crucial part of your business. Maintaining a successful relationship with your photographers is always key (which is why having a contract is also so very important!). Here are a few things to always keep front of mind when partnering with photographers.

  • Good communication
  • Show up early
  • Scout out your locations and plan your session
  • Always credit on social media and your blog (this should also be in your contract on how they want to be credited)

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun! Our photographers have become lifelong friends as we spend many hours with them and they help to capture such an important and creative part of our business. We consider them an extension of our team so you want to make sure you maintain a great relationship.

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