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All Your LikeToKnow.It Questions Answered

All Your LikeToKnow.It Questions Answered

If you’re a blogger or influencer, there’s a good chance you’re on the popular shopping app, LikeToKnow.it. Formerly the rewardStyle app, this is now known to many people as LTK.

This is a tool for influencers to use to help monetize their social platforms. Whether you’ve just started out on it, or have been a long-time user, here are the most frequently asked questions we get about LTK. And yes, we’ll cover how to make money on LikeToKnow.it too!

All Your LikeToKnow.It Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions About LikeToKnow.it

Anytime we talk to influencers, we get a slew of questions about LTK. From what it is, how to earn money on it, the benefits, the tips to know. We’re breaking it all down so you can use this useful tool for your influencer and creator business.

What Is LTK.it?

LTK is the app that rewardStyle created to make your images (and now video) shoppable! It’s all done with the LikeToKnow.it app where you can enable images and video to become shoppable content for your readers and followers to easily shop. It’s a great way for influencers to generate affiliate revenue from their content.

This app is not only a standalone app where users can follow their favorite influencers and discover products to shop. But it’s also a product of rewardStyle that can be used on your blog as well.

You can add an LikeToKnow.it widget to your blog through shortcode or HTML so your readers can easily shop your looks right from your blog.

LTK allows influencers to monetize their Instagram Feed, their IG Stories and more. Basically any photo or video can become shoppable with a few easy steps in the app!

all of your liketoknow.it questions answered, how to make money on liketoknow.it

How To Save Products On LTK

Before you start linking anything in your LTK app or on your blog, you’ll want to save products to your folders. As a creator on LTK, you are able to use the Link Ninja extension which allows you to browse retailer websites and save items to your folders.

The folders are what you’ll then use when creating LTK posts, or widgets for your blog, to pull products from. While LTK does have a search feature, we find that it is not super efficient and saving products via Link Ninja before creating LTK posts or widgets, is a bit easier.

Everyone has their own organization system for their folders depending on the content you may create. Some organize it by retailers, while others may do it by category. If you’re a style influencer you may organize it by dresses, shoes, bags. And if you’re a design influencer, maybe by furniture, decor and linens. Find a system that works for you that will allow you to easily find the items you frequently want to link to.

How To Create A Shoppable Image With LTK

Creating a shoppable look with LTK is super easy. You’ll need to have the LikeToKnow.it app downloaded to your phone. You’ll then upload your image or video and tag your products and add a caption.

Using descriptive words to explain your image is key to your image also being more searchable within the app. Once you hit publish (and you can even schedule these to be pushed out on a specific day/time) the image will now be shoppable via the app and anywhere you have your LTK widget on your website.

LTK now offers a way to integrate your latest Instagram posts into LTK so you don’t have to have the photo or video on your phone to make an LTK post. This makes it a bit faster if you’re publishing IG content from desktop.

How Do You Make Money On LTK?

Earning commission on your shoppable posts is how you’ll earn money on the LTK app. When someone clicks a product from your shopping-enabled image, they’ll be taken to the retailer’s website. From there, if the shopper buys something, you as the influencer will generate an affiliate commission.

Affiliate revenue varies based on what is purchased, and not based on what was clicked initially. If someone clicks on a $500 bag, but only buys a $40 t-shirt, you’ll only receive a commission on the actual sale of $40. Commission rates vary by retailer and sometimes even by category within a retailer’s website.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid On LTK? How Do I Get My Commissions?

You’ll see in your LTK dashboard that you have open and closed commissions. Closed commissions are ones that have finished their window for returns or adjustments, usually anywhere from 30 days to 120 days (sometimes more, ugh). But once they’ve closed, you’ll then be paid out by LTK once you hit a $25 minimum.

When Does LTK Pay Influencers?

LTK will pay out every 2 weeks on Fridays. They pay out via PayPal and once your closed commissions have hit a minimum of $25.

tips to grow your LTK conversions

How Do I Grow My Followers On LTK?

To be honest, having a big following on LikeToKnow.it isn’t the end all be all of blogging. Is it nice to have? Sure. But we wouldn’t stress about it. It’s more important to educate your audience on how to shop through your blog and Instagram.

By doing this, you’ll be encouraging your audience to support your business and shop through your links. This means way more than just growing the number of followers in an app if they don’t know how to support your business.

The key to growing your followers is to constantly be sharing your account with your Instagram followers and readers on other platforms. You should be educating them on why they should download the app and follow along. You won’t just generate followers by having an account and not sharing other places.

How many followers do you need to be on the LTK app? How Do I Get Approved by LTK?

It really doesn’t matter! There is no real minimum of how many IG followers you need to be accepted. LTK looks for consistent content for about 4 months to review your application before getting approved. It is still on a case by case basis. Once you join LTK, there isn’t a minimum follower count to have to be in good standing.

Want us to refer you to LTK? Click here to shoot us an email!

What Is The LTK Auto Follow Feature?

The LTK auto-follow feature is the best way to really grow your following. When you share an LTK link to your post or profile with your audience, and they click and land on your LTK photo or profile, it automatically has them follow your account. So frequent sharing to your IG Stories, newsletter subscribers and so on will help to increase your follower count in the LTK app.

canva templates for ltk | All Your LikeToKnow.It Questions Answered

Everything In My Photo Is Sold Out, Should I Not Post It To LTK?

This mentality that you have to only post in-stock items has got to GO. There are plenty of similar items that you can link and share with your audience to get a similar look. And honestly, sometimes THAT is more helpful than sharing the one thing you have in stock that maybe is out of someone’s price point.

Your job with LTK is all about linking items that gets your follower what they’re looking for. But one of our best tips is to link similar items at varying price points so your audience can get a similar look.

When linking items to your post, use the “exact item” feature in the app so people know what exactly is in a photo. You can also include verbiage in the caption letting them know you’re including similar items. More options at more retailers and price points are actually key to increasing your conversion rate.

How Do Cookies Work With Affiliate Links?

The biggest confusion on affiliate commission is the cookies. Cookies track your browser history and will remember if you went to a website recently. The affiliate links you use and that your followers click on can benefit you big time.

Many retailers have a specific cookie window that they’ll honor your click for affiliate commission. Meaning that the last click wins for commission.

If a follower clicks your $500 bag link to Nordstrom and chooses not to buy it, you won’t make money. Not yet at least! But if the follower comes back a week later to her computer and types in Nordstrom.com and ends up buying ANYTHING on the site, you’ll generate a commission. This is so long as no other affiliate link was clicked to Nordstrom in between your click, and their purchase.

Will I Make A Commission If A Retailer’s App Is Opened And Not Purchased In A Browser?

Some retailers also honor your unique affiliate link into their app. So if a follower clicks an item from your LTK profile and it opens up the retailer app instead of their default browser, the retailer will honor the affiliate tracking code. The retailers that track an app-to-app purchase are listed here which is updated by rewardStyle.

The only thing to note here is that cookies won’t be tracked from app session to app session. The purchase will need to be made in that current app session upon clicking your affiliate link to generate an affiliate commission.

Should I Link To The LikeToKnow.it App On Instagram?

The million-dollar question. rewardStyle will tell you to always link to the LTK app. It’s their business and they want all the traffic they can get, and data. Which should be taken with a grain of salt.

We’re firm believers that you should always be linking to your owned platforms like your blog. By doing this you grow your pageviews, ad revenue, get your readers to your blog to hopefully explore more like blog posts and maybe even sign up for your newsletter. This is just a preference though and based on your current business goals. Feel free to also take this advice with a grain of salt as everyone may have a slightly different strategy that works for them.

If LTK Growth & Sales Is Your Goal…

But generally speaking, if you want to grow your LTK following, definitely link to the LTK app. Why? Because as soon as someone clicks your LTK link and opens the LTK app, guess what? They auto-follow you. It’s part of the LTK app feature and is the best way to grow your following.

There is also a deep linking feature (where the LTK app opens, and you do not stay in the Instagram browser) which helps with conversion rates. When you are in the Instagram browser shopping, cookies may not apply, and followers may not be logged into their favorite shopping apps. So getting them out of the Instagram browser is key.

If Pageviews Are Your Goal…

If your blog pageviews are your goals along with ad revenue, you may want to link to a dedicated shopping page instead. When you link to the LTK app you’re giving away traffic. Traffic YOU should be getting. You can create a really great landing page to highlight your links, outfits and more. Here’s how!

If you want to link to your blog, we encourage you to create a really user-friendly shop page that includes your LTK-enabled images, widgets and any other links to common posts. Which is exactly what they’ll be seeing any way in the app. Instead, you’re getting traffic and also getting followers to your blog, which is always a plus.

Besides, if someone clicks your LTK image on your blog in the Instagram browser, it WILL kick open the LTK app (deep linking again!). So really, in our opinion, you should ALWAYS be linking to your blogs shop page.

how to create a blog shop page with ltk

How To Make A Blog Shop Page With LTK

A good shop page will include the LTK widget with a few dozen of your LTK images. You can set your grid up on rewardStyle’s website and copy-paste this into your shop page (it’s a super simple shortcode!). Don’t forget to also include a button with a call to action to follow you in the LTK app as well and explore more looks.

This can be a great way to get people to follow you in the app and encourage them to download it if they want. But having your shopping-enabled images easy to shop and browse on your website in our opinion, is the way to go.

Deep Linking

However, by linking via LTK, you are utilizing the deep link feature that the LTK app has. This means it kicks open the app instead of staying in the Instagram app. This usually increases conversions as you can shop via the retailer more easily through the LTK app.

When you’re stuck in the Instagram browser, users tend to not complete a purchase because they’re not logged in to the retailer site and usernames/passwords may not populate.

But again, if you link to your blog shop page with LTK images, it WILL open the LTK app once they do click on any of your LTK enabled images to shop.

Learn more about deep linking with other platforms like Amazon here!

how to earn money on ltk | All Your LikeToKnow.It Questions Answered

How Often Should I Post In The LTK App?

It has been recommended by LTK that you should post 3-5 shoppable images per day to the app. However, you will likely not see a ton of commissions generated if you are simply posting to the app, and not sharing the content anywhere else. In order to get your shoppable images and profile seen, you will want to promote these LTK posts and your profile on your other platforms.

While we personally think 3-5 posts a day is A LOT, do what works for you. With the ability to schedule posts, you can set it and forget it with some content.

But as we always say, LTK should not be your end all be all for generating your revenue. There are other ways to grow your business and your revenue like blog posts, sponsored campaigns and ad revenue.

What Should Be In My LTK Caption?

Your LTK caption is key for searchability and also communicating to the shopper so they can make an informed purchase. Describe the photo, the content in the photo, any brand or sizing info, colorway options and so on.

You should also be using the size guide to share the fit of an item if it’s clothing-related. This helps the shopper know if something runs true to size, too small, and so on. Informed shoppers are more likely to convert!

Use buzz words relevant to your photo as well. It’s also smart to include the brand names as people may be searching for “free people tops” and not just “tops”. The descriptions for LTK posts are like SEO so spend a little bit of time making these descriptive!

LTK Hashtags

Always add the 3 LTK hashtags that are relevant. Plus, a handful of additional ones that are relevant to your photo. Plus, you can add additional hashtags that are relevant to your post to make it more searchable.

What other LTK questions do you have?

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    How can I link Amazon products on the LTK creator app?

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      You would head to the products tab and search “amazon” and you can link with the tool there. Or on desktop, link with the Link Ninja just like you would on any other site.