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WP Tasty Pins Review + Tutorial

WP Tasty Pins Review And Tutorial

We’ve discussed on TBS before our favorite WordPress Plugins that we use and love. But there’s a new(-ish) plugin on the block that has been an absolute game-changer for our blogs. That is Tasty Pins. Have you heard of this Pinterest-friendly plugin before? Well if not, or if you have and are on the fence about it, we’re diving in deep today on the reasons why The Tasty Pins Plugin is worth the money and how it will totally transform your website.

What Is The WP Tasty Pins Plugin

WP Tasty Pins is a paid plugin that allows you to optimize your blog post images for Pinterest and SEO. We all know Pinterest is king, and this tool gives you ample control over the Pin Title and Pin Description for the images both in your blog post and hidden images (which we’ll get into!).

Benefits Of Using WP Tasty Pins

Here are a few of our favorite benefits of using WP Tasty Pins.

  • Manually set your Pin Title and Pin Descriptions that will perform the best in Pinterest search
  • You’re able to add hidden Pinterest images that don’t show up in your blog post but will show up as an option to pin when a reader hits the “Pin It” button.
  • Force pinning of hidden images to control what gets pinned to Pinterest.

How to Use WP Tasty Pins

First, you’ll want to sign up for WP Tasty Pins HERE for only $29/year. And install the plugin to your WordPress website. Once activated, you’ll see the WP Tasty Pins section within your blog post editor towards the bottom of your blog post dashboard. Here’s where the fun begins!

Step One – Create Pinterest Images For Your Blog Post

We recommend making anywhere from 5-10 unique Pin templates for your blog posts. Below are two examples of our pin templates that we create for every single blog post. These should be enticing to the Pinterest user to click.

Need pin templates? We have a TBS exclusive Pin Pack of over 20 templates in Canva that members can download in our Library. Join today to gain access here!

Step Two – Upload Your Pin Images

In the WP Tasty Pins section of your editor, upload your images under Pinterest Hidden Images.

Step Three – Add Your Pin Title + Description

Research your title and description in Pinterest to see what’s trending. Then add the default Pinterest title and default Pinterest Text. This title/description will populate when you and your readers go to pin your content.

You can also add the Pin Title and Pin Description for the images within your blog post that will be published. The title/description will default to what you have in the Tasty Pins section.

how to use WP Tasty Pins Plugin

Step Four – Pin Your Images

Once your blog post is published, it’s time to publish your pins! Hit the pin-it button, or Tailwind Bookmarklet to pin your images. Here you’ll select your images to be pinned and the title and description is ready to go.

Is WP Tasty Pins Worth The Money

Tasty Pins is 100% worth the $29/year subscription. You will see your Pinterest referral traffic grow significantly by having great Pins on Pinterest that have strong Titles and Descriptions. It’s also a great insurance policy that if people pin your content, you know there will be a better chance that your Title and Description will be published to Pinterest. And at the end of the day, better pins create more re-pins which create more referral traffic to your blog.

To really up your Pinterest referral traffic, check out our tips to Tailwind here. Between Tasty Pins and Tailwind, you’ll see skyrocketing referral traffic in no time!

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