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Why Should You Start A TikTok

Why You Should Start a TikTok

The influencer space is always changing. And there are always new platforms and tools that grow in popularity over time. Depending on how long you’ve been in the industry, you may have once had Vine, or Snapchat. Or had focused your content on Facebook and not so anymore. It’s always changing. And right now in 2022, it seems to all be about TikTok.

TikTok took off in 2020 and drew in a larger age range with their audience. Now with Instagram focusing on Reels heavily, it begs the question. Should you start a TikTok? It’s something we talk about a lot with our peers and we are seeing more and more campaigns come in with TikTok

For some of you, TikTok may be a natural progression with your business. For others, like us honestly here at TBS, we wonder if it’s worth it for our businesses. Here are a few things to consider if you’re unsure if you should start a TikTok.

Why You Should Start a TikTok

You Love To Make Video Content

If video content is your thing, jump in! TikTok is all about the short-form video and if you’re already spending the time creating video for YouTube or Reels, add this content to TikTok too.

If you haven’t started creating video content outside of Instagram Stories yet, TikTok (and Reels!) is also great way to start something new for your blog this year.

You Want To Have Your Handle

Whether you intend on creating content or not, it could be beneficial to at least claim your handle and set up a profile. This way it’s there if people search for you, and you won’t have to run into a headache down the road if someone else has your handle.

You Can Cross Share Content From Reels

While you may not want to create all new content for TikTok, or you’re unsure if your audience is even on there, you can at least cross share the content you’re making on Instagram Reels to TikTok. This allows you to have a grid of content ready to go. It also will make it easier to tell a brand that may specifically want a TikTok versus a Reel that you are capable of creating the content and have it all set up.

More Sponsored Opportunities

More and more brands are leaning into TikTok. If you want to get more partnerships, or at least not have to say no to the ones that include TikTok, create an account today! Make a handful of videos, or upload your previous Reels, so that you can say yes to all those campaigns.

Use As An Add On For Partnerships To Generate More Revenue

Since brands are loving video content, you can use this as an opportunity to offer an add-on to increase your sponsorship rates. This is especially nice to do if the brand is already wanting you to create Reels. Just let them know you can also offer them TikTok for an additional fee.

Get You Out Of A Creative Rut

Whether you use it to create or consume, TikTok can help get you out of a creative rut and inspire your content. The ‘For You Page’ is incredible at serving you content that you’ll enjoy from people you don’t follow. This can help get you out of your usual doom scroll on Instagram of the same people you always see. Plus, a lot of trends that happen on Reels always start on TikTok. So use it as a little research too to see what’s trending and how you can jump on it and transfer it from TikTok to Reels.

Expand Your Reach To New Audiences

TikTok allows you to add your URL and Instagram profile to your TikTok profile. If a video takes off, you can be sure that you’ll see growth on your Instagram. Just make sure the content you’re creating is relevant to your brand already. If you’re a beauty blogger, but only make dancing TikToks, it may not be the return on investment you were hoping for.

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