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Why It’s So Easy to Start a Blog Today

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It’s crazy to think that even just a decade ago being a blogger still wasn’t considered a reputable profession. While the online space of influencers and blogging has certainly become more mainstream in 2021, there’s still a lot of unknown as to what it takes to run and manage a successful website.

Back in 2010/2011 when TBS founders Cathy (Poor Little It Girl) and Jessica (An Indigo Day) started their blogs, the resources on how to navigate this online space were limited at best. Hence why we started The Blog Societies in the first place! But alas, if there’s one thing we’ve noticed over the past decade. And that is how much easier it is to start a blog today than it was for us back then.

Why It’s SO Easy To Start A Blog Today

Being a blogger is hard work, do not get us wrong. The dedication to producing quality and consistent content and being self-motivated to keep up with the industry is not for everyone. But if you’re motivated to share your voice and brand with a blog, we want to show why it’s so much easier to start a blog today.

Pre-made Blog Templates

Back in the early 2010s, the only options for a blog site design are whatever was available via WordPress or Blogger directly. They were…not good. Now, you can purchase pre-made blog templates that are affordable, customizable, and easy to navigate. Blog templates can make your website appear more professional and get readers excited to explore your content with ease. PS TBS members get 15% off of our favorite templates from EmPress Themes. Join today to get your discount!

Free Stock Images

It used to be that you had to pay a hefty price tag for quality images to use on your site. Or you had to shoot everything yourself. That was exhaustive, expensive, and took a lot of time.

Now you can use sites like Unsplash and Canva where you can search thousands of stock images. You can easly find the perfect coffee and laptop flat lay, flower shot, fall foliage landscape, or whatever else you may need to complete a blog post with amazing visuals.


Speaking of Canva, stop what you’re doing super quick and read our blog post on why we love Canva. This easy to use platform has totally changed our blogging business. Not only does Canva have those stock images you may want to use for your site, but it’s also a super easy place to create collages, Pinterest templates, Instagram story designs – you name it!

Back in the day, you had to be a Photoshop wizard which, well…who has time for that anymore. Canva is where it’s at and makes branding your blog so much easier.

Brands Know The Power Of Influencers

It took many years for brands to not only understand what a blogger actually was but how to utilize influencers as a strong marketing tool. We remember in the 2010s have to explain what being a blogger even meant to PR agencies and brand reps.

Now, you can send a pitch email for collaboration opportunities and they understand exactly what you’re talking about. They also have allotted bigger budgets for those blogger partnerships. This is all because they’ve understood the power of a blogger – a total win!

Online Resources

As we mentioned before, starting a blog 10 or 15 years ago brought its own set of challenges on just the basics. How do you write a proper blog post? How can I get more page views? What can I expense on my taxes as an influencer?

Answers to these questions were nowhere to be found back then. Now, with resources like The Blog Societies and other amazing online platforms catered to demystifying the influencer space, you can get answers to exactly what you need to know in real-time.

Here at TBS, we pride ourselves on providing those answers to industry questions you can’t find anywhere else. So if you aren’t already, join to become a member today to check out our exclusive membership Library, and be sure to check out our SEO For Bloggers course!

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