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Why Every Blogger Should Have A Great Headshot

Whether you’re just starting out as a blogger, or are a veteran in the industry, there’s one thing we all should make sure we have for our business: a great headshot. Just a simple “hello!” with a visual of your face can help tie the reader to your work, and make sure they know there’s a real person behind the blog. It’s really your first impression, so make it count!

Your headshot is often used as your social media profile icon and about page, in your media kit and sent to brands for any features. It should be consistent, it should represent your brand and it should be GOOD! It’s the first thing we recommend investing in for your brand (business, blogger, anything in between) if you’re the face of it.

So what are some do’s and don’ts for a great “About Page” headshot?

Here Are Five Tips To Getting A Great Headshot

Natural Light And In Focus

This is easy to do when you hire a professional! Keep things natural, no harsh light and always be in focus.

A True Headshot

This means top half of your body. Something close enough that people can see your face!

No Sunglasses

It’s easy to use sunglasses as a crutch when you aren’t feeling your prettiest in photos. But for a headshot, take the time to look your best and put your best, full face, forward.

Up To Date, Current and Seasonally Appropriate

Always be updating your headshot. It should be a true representation of you and the season (or at least keep it ambiguous). Leave the holiday outfits, the beach vacation photos and so on for blog posts. Headshots should be you in a professional or everyday setting.

Speaks To Your Brand

This should be down to the outfit you’re wearing, the setting and the tone of the image. It’s also important to think about what’s IN the photo. For example, we always say a hard no to wedding photos unless it’s a wedding blog. If you’re a mom blogger, it’s ok to have kids in one of the photos but add another photo of just YOU as well. If you’re a food blogger, maybe shoot something fun in your kitchen. Are you a bold and colorful style blogger? Share an outfit that speaks to you!

Below are some of our most horrific images we once used as “headshots”. You can see how we used natural light, top half, and on brand imagery to create a beautiful headshot that we can use across our website, about page, media kit and social platforms.

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