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Why Every Blogger Should Have A Great Headshot

tips to getting a great headshot for your blog

Whether you’re just starting out as a blogger, or are a veteran in the industry, there’s one thing we all should make sure we have for our business: a great headshot. Just a simple “hello!” with a visual of your face can help tie the reader to your work, and make sure they know there’s a real person behind the blog. It’s really your first impression, so make it count!

Your headshot is often used as your social media profile icon and included in your about page on your website. You should also add it to your media kit so brands can familiarize themselves with you. Headshots are one of the first things we recommend investing in for your brand (business, blogger, anything in between) if you’re the face of it. But getting a great headshot takes a little bit of effort. Here are our best tips for getting a great headshot.

Tips To Getting A Great Headshot

Natural Light And In Focus

This is easy to do when you hire a professional! Keep things natural with soft light and not direct light. This means, don’t stare into the sun or be in harsh light. Natural indirect light is always best for headshots. Working with a professional photographer will make this easier as well. And always make sure your image is in focus!

A True Headshot

A true headshot should be from the chest or hips up. You want to be close enough that people can see your face! Having a few full body shots as well taken by a photographer can be great to have on hand too for different needs.

No Sunglasses

It’s easy to use sunglasses as a crutch when you aren’t feeling your prettiest in photos. But for a headshot, take the time to look your best and put your best, full face, forward.

Up To Date, Current and Seasonally Appropriate

Always be updating your headshot. It should be a true representation of you and the season (or at least keep it ambiguous). Leave the holiday outfits, the beach vacation photos, and so on for blog posts. Headshots should be you in a professional or everyday setting that represents you best. We have this part of our spring refresh to-do list to ensure your headshot is up to date and ready for the next season.

Speaks To Your Brand

This should be down to the outfit you’re wearing, the setting and the tone of the image. It’s also important to think about what’s IN the photo. For example, we always say a hard no to wedding photos unless it’s a wedding blog. If you’re a mom blogger, it’s ok to have kids in one of the photos but definitely take additional photos without your kids to have as well. And for our about page, definitely add another photo of just YOU.

If you’re a food blogger, maybe shoot something fun in your kitchen. Are you a bold and colorful style blogger? Share an outfit that speaks to you with a background to match. It’s important to keep your personal brand in mind when taking headshots and choosing your ideal about page photo.

The Right Props

This goes back to making sure the photos speak to your brand. If you’re a blogger, you may want a few photos of you at your desk with your laptop. Or working at a coffee shop that reflects your style. Bring some notebooks and pens to have as props and take a few evergreen photos of the setup. Having a variety of images from your shoot will be helpful when you’re writing your about page, updating blog posts about yourself, and so on.

Examples Of Great Headshots

A few of our favorite headshots from our very own members. From natural light to studio backdrops, and including a prop or two to reflect your brand. This is your reminder to schedule a headshot session with a professional to update those about page photos, social media bios, and more!

Headshot ideas for bloggers

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