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What to Include in Your Navigation Bar

What to Include in Your Navigation Bar

Let’s go back to blogging basics today, shall we? Today we want to talk about your blog navigation bar. You know, the little menu area at the top of your website, above the fold, that helps readers and site visitors, you guessed it, navigate your website. While standard on almost all blog designs custom or premade templates, it’s such an important part of your business, here’s why.

What To Include In Your Blog Navigation Bar

Most importantly, you want your navigation bar to be easy to read and understand. It should be able to provide anyone that visits your site easy access to the content on your website and highlight your niche. So after your read this blog post, head to your own website and do an audit of your own navigation bar and be sure you’re providing all the proper information and links necessary for success.

  1. Be sure your navigation bar reflects the bulk of your content. For example: if you are a food blogger, your top food categories should be easy to find/click in your drop-down menu or navigation area. Don’t make people work kind to find the good stuff you want them to see.
  2. Use Google Analytics to see what categories/topics are the most popular for your website and use that as a guide as to what to include in your navigation. bar.
  3. Consolidate things. No need to have a separate page for About, Contact, Press, etc. information. You can put everything together. You can see our About Page here which includes all that information and more!
  4. A search function that is easy to find and works.
  5. Make sure your social media buttons/icons are easily seen. If a brand or new reader comes on to your site and wants to learn more about you on other platforms, make it easy for them to find you! Also, be sure each of your social icons leads to the correct page.
  6. Check your navigation bar on both desktop and mobile so you can ensure it’s easy to use on both devices.

What other items do you feel should be included in a navigation bar? Did you find any mistakes in your own blog’s menu? Let us know in the comments below!

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