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What Is The Blog Societies?

The Blog Societies is a cultivated community for influencers to unlock the resources, connections and tools necessary to grow their blogs.

Members of The Blog Societies gain access to an online community where they feel encouraged, supported and are connected to industry peers. This is a rewarding society where members will be exposed to prominent brands who come to The Blog Societies to seek out influencers to work alongside.   Below is a glimpse of the benefits those unlock with their membership.

    • Download our favorite blogging resources in The Library along with exclusive discounts and offers from our partners

    • Attend our monthly classes, TBS Academy. As well as our quarterly groups calls, the TBS Creator Hotline. All can be played back in The Library

    • Features on our website and social channels in our Member Spotlights

    • Access to our private Facebook Group to get advice and find community as well as participate in our Tailwind Community to grow your traffic

The Blog Societies also has published several courses to help support influencers and bloggers in their business. The Ultimate SEO Course For Bloggers launched in 2021 helps educate bloggers on the basics of SEO, how to write blog posts for Google search, and increase your pageviews. In 2023, TBS launched The Affiliate Academy, a course designed to provide education and strategy to grow affiliate revenue. From LTK to ShopStyle Collective, Amazon and HOWL, this course dives into everything you need to know to be successful with affiliate marketing as an influencer. Choice and Lifetime members receive discounts on these courses among other perks.





The Start of The Blog Societies

The Blog Societies was founded in 2013 by two fashion bloggers looking for a community where they can network, ask for advice and seek community.  As blogging friends, they quickly learned that having someone in the same industry as you helps you grow, adapt and build a better blog with the support of others.  

In an effort to help their own blogging community as well as others in the Southeast, Southern Blog Society was created. After three years and 400 members later, Southern Blog Society expanded nationally to The Blog Societies in the fall of 2015 welcoming members from all over the country.

About The Blog Societies’ Founders

Jessica Camerata of An Indigo Day is a style blog based in Atlanta. She aims to provide easy to tackle tips to make your life feel more put-together. She was named top blogger of 2015 by Jezebel Magazine and has been featured as a style expert on shows like ATL & Co and Atlanta Plugged In.

Cathy Peshek runs the style blog, Poor Little It Girl. Named one of the “Top 5 Style Bloggers” by PEOPLE magazine and highlighted as a Washingtonian Style Setter in 2015.  The former NYC fashion magazine editor turned Atlanta-resident continues to share her affordable shopping tips that all “it” girls can afford.

In 2022, Cathy stepped away from The Blog Societies to focus on family and her own blog, Poor Little It Girl. She has been an integral part of this community and TBS would not be where it is today without her.

The Blog Societies Press

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