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What Is Deep Linking

what is deep linking and url genius review and trial offer

We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about deep linking. It’s definitely a hot topic among influencers and creators. And for good reason. If you’re not using deep linking on your Instagram Stories, you are simply leaving money on the table.

Let’s chat about what on earth deep linking even is. And why we may want to focus on this for a better affiliate strategy to increase your conversion rate and revenue.

What Is Deep Linking

I’m sure you’ve clicked a link on Instagram and noticed it opens the website IN the Instagram browser. So if you clicked an Amazon or Nordstrom link, you’re on their website, but you’re still in Instagram.

This usually means you’re not logged in to your account. And like many of us, you may prefer your Amazon app on your phone, versus a website anyway.

But, if you’ve ever clicked on an LTK app link, you may have noticed something different. It kicks open the LTK app! This is IDEAL, as it gets you to the app to shop, instead of staying in the Instagram browser.

When you stay in the Instagram browser, users are less likely to finish an order. They’re not logged in, their card isn’t stored, and it’s a hassle. They’ll simply close out and open their other store app, or just open up Safari.

This results in you not converting and making your commission. Which means, you’re leaving money on the table.

Deep linking is what is happening with those LTK app links. The app is being forced open getting you OUT of Instagram and INTO the app that you’ll be more likely to shop in. Deep links are going to be the reason why you make MORE money.

And guess what? You can now do this with other store websites. Meaning, you can convert more and earn way more commissions.

So how do you make an affiliate link a deep link? With URLGenius.

What Is URLGenius

URLGenius is a service platform that helps to turn your text affiliate links for a variety of retailers into deep links. There are a few plans you can choose from as this service is not free. But you can pay 2 cents a click to make your links deep links.

Does URLGenius Go Against Amazon TOS?

Not at all! This is an approved platform to use with your Amazon links. You can learn more here from Amazon.

Where Do You Use Deep Links?

While you can use a deep link anywhere, it’s most beneficial to use it on Instagram. This is because Instagram keeps users in their browser. This results in fewer conversions.

If you can get your follower to the app they prefer to shop through, they are more likely to convert.

And just wait until you use this come Amazon Prime Day. You’ll really see those conversions soar!

an example of deep linking on instagram

How Do You Make A Deep Link?

All you do is copy your affiliate link (we suggest only using your Amazon affiliate link, short or long version), and plug it into URLGenius which then transforms it into a deep link. Then you can copy that new link and use it wherever you like.

You can also name your link so you can easily pull it in the future from your link dashboard. All your links are saved for quick and easy sharing.

how to make a deep link on url genius

Can you turn any link into a deep link?

Not quite. URLGenius has to work with the retailer to make these work. Here are a list of the current retailers that you may want to create deep links for. For the full list, head to URLGenius here.

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • HSN
  • Overstock
  • Kohls
  • Rent The Runway
  • Etsy
  • Macy’s

Don’t Sleep On Howl!

There’s another affiliate platform I need you all to pay attention to, which is Howl. You can learn more about it here and in The Affiliate Academy where we walk you through the platform, ways to use it and how to optimize your affiliate strategy. Not on Howl yet? You can apply here to join.

But something that Howl has done that has been a total game changer for revenue earned, is make Sephora links automatically a deep link. This means you don’t have to pay 2 cents per click, nor do you have to go through the process of making links.

Just make your regular affiliate links through the Howl extension and save as normal. The links will automatically kick open the Sephora app if they have it downloaded on their phone.

What if they don’t have the apps downloaded?

If the user doesn’t have one of these apps downloaded, it will prompt them to choose to get the app. If they choose not to, they’ll stay in the Instagram browser.

It’s safe to say, a lot of people have the Amazon app downloaded on their phones. Sephora, and maybe some of these other retailers, not so much. So share accordingly and know your audience.

You can also test out your links and see your analytics on URLGenius. As you can see, majority of people are choosing to open the Amazon app on iPhone. A huge opportunity to get those cookies to transfer to the app for them to shop.

url genius stats and tips

How long do the cookies last when the app is opened?

Typically, the cookies are good for that session only. Amazon will keep track of what’s in the cart though for 24 hours. So if they add items to the cart when they initially clicked your link, but then checked out within 24 hours later in another session, those items in the cart will count towards your conversion and commission. This is why it’s crucial to get the shopper onto their app and adding things to their cart.

Do I Need To Use This On LTK Links?

As of Prime Day 2023, LTK and Collective Voice have made all of their affiliate links for Amazon, deep links. However, we prefer using Amazon affiliate links through the Amazon program because they provide better insights and analytics into what people are buying.

If you are looking to save some money and not use a program to turn your links into deep links, you can stick to using your LTK or Collective Voice links. But if you still plan to use your Amazon affiliate links directly with Amazon, you’ll definitely want to use this service until Amazon makes updates to their links (which we are hoping may happen!).

Ready To Try URLGenius?

You can do a trial run with URLGenius by reaching out to our TBS contact and mentioning promo code SPRING2023. Click HERE to send your email to start your 2 week unlimited click trial and see your conversions increase and revenue soar!

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