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Welcome To The Real World

Laura Bergen Intern Queen book

I think we’ve all been there. Starting out in the real world with your new big girl (or boy) job and you’re kind of freaking out. It isn’t exactly what you wanted, it isn’t exactly what you thought it would be and it’s intimidating. It’s actually how many of us have started our own blogs to create the business and career we so desperately wanted.

Today we’re featuring an author who’s a career and internship guru, Lauren Berger. She’s recently written a fabulous book called Welcome To The Real World:Finding Your Place, Perfecting Your Work, and turning your job into your dream career. We couldn’t have agreed more that this was the perfect book for bloggers who are starting their own businesses and many who are young and fresh out of college.

Some great tips Lauren hits on in her book are how to manage your work/life balance, which we can all attest to, her tips on how to handle mess ups from sending the email to the wrong person, burning a bridge by mistake and so on. These tips are great to apply to your blogging career, your personal life and your 9-5 job.  Head to Lauren’s site, Intern Queen to pick up a copy of her book!


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