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Ultimate Guide To Earning More As An Influencer On Prime Day

Ultimate Guide To Earning More As An Influencer On Prime Day

Forget Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day can be one of the biggest revenue-earning events for an influencer. This 48 hour shopping event on Amazon is an incredible way to generate affiliate revenue as a blogger and influencer.

To make sure you maximize your time and energy, here is our ultimate guide to earning more as an influencer on Prime Day. Let’s get you making more money and maximizing your time.

Ultimate Guide To Earning More As An Influencer On Prime Day

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

Let’s get this big question out of the way. Amazon Prime Day for 2024 will be held on July 16th and 17th, 2024. So prep your calendars and get ready to create all the content during these two days.

Amazon will also do another Prime Big Deals Day before the holidays really kick off. This year’s event will be in October and is another great opportunity to earn big.

Finding the Hottest Deals

If you’re part of the Amazon Influencer program, you should have received information about upcoming deals to know about. Deals will be happening throughout the sale as well. Having the app downloaded so you can get notifications of new deals will allow you to share the most up-to-date Lightning deals on your social channels.

Analyzing Your Past Data

Take a look at your past data to see what performed well and what didn’t. You can download your Amazon sales from last year’s Prime Day to get an idea of what people were buying. More often than not, these items are going to be on sale again.

You can also compare all your sales from the last year to the deals list to see what items you sell a lot of, to what may be part of Prime Day. This can also help you see what products you probably own and can speak to authentically.

Ultimate Guide To Earning More As An Influencer On Prime Day

Leveraging Social Media Channels

Use your social media channels to create buzz around Prime Day. You should be talking about it a few days prior to it going live so your audience is prepared. But when it comes to crafting content, leverage all your social media channels and everything they have to offer.

On Instagram, create IG Stories sharing your favorite products, how to use them and so on. In your feed, create eye-catching content with scroll-stopping text to get those followers to your profile to click for more.

And make sure your profile is updated with your Amazon storefront so that they can easily get to the sale during these 48 hours.

Create video for Reels and TikTok on how to use products or how to style something. Don’t forget a call to action to get them to that link in your bio or use your comment automation system.

Don’t forget about Pinterest by pinning your blog posts and any graphics you create on Instagram. You can also share on Facebook and Twitter if you have an audience here.

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Leverage Your Newsletter

If you really want to see conversions coming in, don’t forget about your newsletter! Getting into people’s inbox with a link is THE best way to convert. We love using Flodesk to create beautiful emails to our readers.

As of 2024, you can now share your Amazon affiliate link in a newsletter. Link to your storefront, lists and products throughout your newsletter. But be sure to disclose that your email contains affiliate links to comply with their terms of service.

Also, you can use a Collective Voice or LTK link. We prefer using Amazon whenever possible for the additional data they provide. But your Collective Voice and LTK commissions will always work towards your sales goal (just make sure you’ve connected this with your Amazon account).

Optimizing Affiliate Links

Deep links are crucial when it comes to Amazon. Thankfully there have been huge updates in the last year or so on deep linking via Collective Voice and LTK. Amazon also offers their own deep linking service called PostTap. If you have not been provided the opportunity to sign up for this, then you will want to use another deep linking service for your Amazon affiliate links.

You can learn more about URL Genius here, but basically, it helps to kick open the Amazon app (which is what we call deep linking) while users are on Instagram. This keeps them from staying in the Instagram browser where they are less likely to finish the sale.

Educate Your Audience

It’s important to educate your audience about Prime Day leading up to the sale, and during. Start by creating some buzz around the sale and get them signed up for your newsletter.

Since Prime Day is open to Prime customers only, this is a great way to get your audience to enroll in a Prime Day trial. If they end up signing up, you’ll then earn a bounty.

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Measure And Analyze Your Succes

Once the sale is over, you should be measuring and analyzing the success of this year’s sale. Do this right after the sale is over so it’s fresh in your mind. Make notes of what worked, what didn’t, what converted the most and what you should have done more of.

Then add this to your Asana (or any way you like to keep track of your tasks) for next year. Then when the following Prime Day comes around, you’ll have solid notes to look back on so you can craft a winning strategy and earn even more.

This strategy should be used for any and all major sales. From Prime Day, to Black Friday, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Always be prepping for these major sale events so you can optimize your content and earn BIG.

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day?

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