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Tips On Attending A Blog Conference

tips to attending a blog conference

One of our most favorite things about the blogging community, is attending all of the fun events and conferences. From our very own annual event #TBScon, to other popular conferences, networking events and even workshops, these are a great opportunity for new and seasoned influencers.

A question we get often before The Blog Societies Annual Conference is, how can I make the most of it? Or what should I know before I attend? So whether you’re attending #TBScon or another networking event, all of these tips still apply. You’re spending time and money to attend conferences and you should want to get the most out of it.  To make sure you get the most bang for you buck, follow our tried and true tips for a successful conference as an attendee!

5 Tips To Attending A Blog Conference

1. Bring Business Cards

You never know who you’re going to meet at events and having your business cards ready to go is a great way to exchange information and follow up afterward. Keep your business cards professional and on brand. Have a stack handy in your bag to offer to brands and influencers alike. If you don’t have business cards yet, we love Canva for easy to create cards and printing!

2. Say Hello To Everyone

It can be easy to just hang back with your friends and not branch out. But we encourage you to break away from your comfort zone and say hello to new faces. You don’t have to say hi to EVERYONE, but make a goal to speak to 5 new people at each event so it’s less overwhelming. Maintaining a little goal for yourself can help get you out and meeting new people. This is the whole reason why you bought that ticket, right? Say hello!

3. Come With Ideas & Questions

When attending a blog conference, know the brands and speakers attending in advance. This way you can come to the table with tailored ideas, pitches and questions. If you’re unsure of how to pitch, check out this post and our Library for a template!

4. Attend All Events

We can vouch that a lot of thought and energy goes into creating conference itineraries. There are many opportunities to meet and mingle with new people and you won’t want to miss out on any of them. Make the most of your investment and attend all events, even optional ones if you can.

5. Follow Up

Now that you’ve met new friends, brands, speakers and leaders in the industry, make an effort to follow up. This can be as easy as sending an email as soon as you get home from all the business cards you’ve accumulated, to even a more thoughtful touch with a handwritten note. Good old snail mail always leaves a lasting impression. We love to use a branded thank you card for any brands that you really love and want to make a good impression with.

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