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Things To Ask Yourself When Branding

questions to ask yourself when branding your business

Branding your blog and influencer business can be a big project! If you’re struggling to figure out your why, and who you are, and what you create for readers, answering these questions can help narrow things down for you. This can also be especially helpful if you’re about to rebrand your website or give it a little update.

No matter what though, we always say you should have a good Instagram bio tagline or elevator pitch that easily tells new people what you’re about. This should be a combination of WHO you are helping, and WHAT you offer. And coming up with that can be tough. But here are a few questions you can ask yourself when branding to find your ideal tagline and fine-tune the aesthetic of your brand.

Things You Should Ask Yourself When Branding Your Blog

What problems do you help solve or what unique insight do you bring to the table?

This should truly be the thing that guides you and your content. What’s your unique spin, what do you help solve? What’s your niche? This can be super narrow such as Italian recipes only. Or you can be broader like recipes for the busy mom.

You can be super narrow in fashion too from plus-size only fashion to vegan fashion, or just 9-5 fashion! But figuring out what you’re unique angle is will be super beneficial in figuring out your brand.

How do you want your readers to feel when they read and consume your content?

This can be a good way to figure out your tone and aesthetic. Do people feel inspired, do they feel happy, do they feel excited? Do they feel like they’re hanging with a friend and laughing? What are the feelings and emotions people feel when they consume your content?

What are some words or adjectives that describe you and your brand?

Think about the words and adjectives that describe you and your brand. These can be more functional words or emotional ones too. Whether you’re bold or minimal, or feminine or more casual, what describes your brand. Same for emotional words too.

Are you honest, are you funny, are you helpful or encouraging? What are the words you or what you want your readers to use to describe your brand.

What are some words that DON’T describe you and your brand?

This can be a good way to filter through a lot of styles, aesthetics, and genres. Think about the things you definitely aren’t. This can truly help narrow things down and easily allow you to make decisions when branding your business.

While maybe you’re attracted to a logo concept a designer sent if it emits words you 100% know are not you, but maybe it’s just pretty and caught your eye, know who you are and who you aren’t.

If you can answer these questions and start to get an idea of who you are, the rest will start to fall into place. And if you’re working with a designer to help curate a brand aesthetic and logo, start creating a Pinterest board with your favorite designs, fonts, and vibes.

This will eventually start to feel repetitive and you’ll start to find similarities. From there, you’ll slowly narrow down your aesthetic, brand, and who you are.

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