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The Ultimate SEO Course For Bloggers

Here at The Blog Societies, we are thrilled to launch our first course, SEO For Bloggers. We hosted an SEO workshop in early 2021 to share our tips and tricks on how we utilize SEO for our style blogs. It was our most loved workshop to date. It had a growing demand for a full course and we are excited to announce our first-ever course, SEO For Bloggers.

We see influencers focusing much of their time on growing their Instagram, and stressing about likes and comments. When the truth is, the secret to longevity, a growing audience and increased affiliate revenue are actually SEO. Search engine optimization may not seem sexy and fun like making a Reel or getting re-grammed.

But when you see the pageviews increasing, affiliate sales growing and your newsletter subscribers skyrocketing, you’ll think twice about calling SEO boring. Within the SEO For Bloggers Course, you will learn how to accomplish all of this with our easy to tackle keyword research tools, tips for writing Google and reader-friendly posts, and so much more.

The Ultimate SEO Course For Bloggers

This course is designed for new and advanced bloggers looking to grow their pageviews and increase their affiliate income by learning how to write SEO-friendly blog posts and articles.

We’ve found that many bloggers, even those who have large followings or have been in the industry for many years, aren’t utilizing SEO to fully benefit their business.

We’ll teach you about brainstorming content ideas that work for your brand, doing proper keyword research plus, complete tutorials on how to write a powerhouse SEO-friendly blog post from start to finish.

This SEO Course Is For You If…

+ You want to grow your blog pageviews so you can land larger brand partnerships

+ Finding keywords and knowing where to use headings in a post is confusing and overwhelming

+ Creating consistent affiliate revenue from your blog is a struggle for your business

+ You’re a brand or influencer who has a blog and are looking for ways to show up more often in Google searches

+ You’ve never attempted SEO before or know anything about it. We’ll help!

Don’t take it from us, here are a few testimonials for those that have purchased the SEO Course for Bloggers

What You’ll Learn In The SEO Course For Bloggers

Finding Content Ideas

Coming up with new ideas every single week can be overwhelming. We’ll help you brainstorm blog post ideas for your website based on your past performance. These topics will perform well on Google for you and your blog. Plus, build an editorial calendar with both seasonal and evergreen posts!

Keyword Research

The most daunting part of SEO that can be the most stressful, is determining the best keywords to include in your blog post.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! This course will show you when, where and how to discover the best keywords to use throughout your blog post. This way you can get traction and stay competitive on Google.

Step By Step Blog Posts

Whether you’re a beauty, travel, style, or food blogger, we’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to optimize blog posts for SEO success by writing an SEO powerhouse post from start to finish.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

In November of 2019, Jessica of An Indigo Day wrote an SEO friendly blog post using the tips you will learn in The SEO For Bloggers Course. In just a few months, you can see how Google continued to crawl and increase the rank and value of this post. Since this blog post provided helpful information for a primed shopper, it continues to generate traffic.

This blog post continued to generate a higher number of pageviews throughout 2020, while also growing her affiliate commission. By utilizing the best SEO practices provided in The SEO For Bloggers Course, Jessica is able to let this post work for her to earn revenue.

Jessica earned over $2,750 in one year from a blog post that went live a year and a half ago. And continues to generate income every month without lifting a finger.

What Is The Blog Societies?

The Blog Societies is a cultivated community for influencers to unlock the resources, connections and tools necessary to grow their blogs.

Members of The Blog Societies gain access to an online community. This community is where they feel encouraged, supported and are connected to industry peers. 

This is a rewarding society where members will be exposed to prominent brands who come to The Blog Societies to seek out influencers to work alongside.  Below is a glimpse of the benefits those unlock with their membership.

  • Listed as an official member under our Member Directory
  • Features on the website and social channels
  • Download free blogging resources in our Library
  • Access to our private Facebook and Pinterest group
  • Choice members receive $50 off al of our courses
  • Lifetime members receive 50% off our courses

Meet The Blog Societies Founders + Your Hosts

The Blog Societies was founded in 2013 by two fashion bloggers looking for a community where they can network. Jessica Camerata of An Indigo Day and Cathy Peshek of Poor Little It Girl became quick blogging friends.

They quickly learned that having someone in the same industry as you helps you grow. It also helps you adapt and build a better blog with the support of others. In an effort to help their own blogging community as well as others in the Southeast, Southern Blog Society was created. After three years and 400 members later, Southern Blog Society expanded nationally. In the fall of 2015, SBS expanded to The Blog Societies and welcomed creators from all over the world.

co-founders of the blog societies Cathy Peshek and Jessica Camerata

The SEO For Bloggers course was created in 2021 to help bloggers with style, beauty, travel, and food. We share our go-to tips and tricks to grow your pageviews and affiliate revenue. By writing for Google and a primed shopper, you’ll see growth in many aspects of your blogging business. We can’t wait to share our best tips with you in The Ultimate SEO Course For Bloggers.

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