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The Best Valentine’s Day Recipes

best valentine's day recipes to try - The Blog Societies

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be one of our favorite holidays if it weren’t for all the decadent sweet treats that go with it.  From red velvet cupcakes, to party mixes and delicious cocktails, there’s a treat to make just about anyone happy. We’re rounding up a few of our favorite member’s recipes for this fun holiday. Whether you’re a long time baker, or want something simple to whip up, we’ve got something for you to try today.

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Recipes To Try

1. Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes by Tide and Thyme

2. Sweet & Salty Valentine’s Day Snack Mix by Jamie Kamber

3. Salted Chocolate Champagne Strawberries by Coffee Beans And Bobby Pins

4. White Chocolate Stuffed Red Velvet Brownie Cakes by Sweet Sundays

5. Cupid’s Rice Krispie Treats by An Indigo Day

6. Mini Heart Strawberry Pies by Chelcey Tate

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