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The Best Exclusive Content To Put In A Newsletter

Newsletter Content Ideas for Bloggers

While we love our Flodesk newsletters, sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with something new and fresh to put into it for readers. For newsletters to be successful, you should be providing value to your subscribers. First, you should be working to get them signed up (here are some fun ideas to offer as an opt-in freebie!). But once they’re signed up, you can’t just send them a snippet of your latest post and expect them to stick around! You must provide unique and exclusive content. It doesn’t need to be every single day either. But come up with a schedule that works for you or a monthly series that could be fun and interesting for readers.

When brainstorming ideas for newsletter content outside of your everyday blog posts, think about what you’re an expert in. Or what’s trending right now that works with your content. We also strongly recommend not including TOO many things in these newsletters. It’s usually ideal to have a single main topic with a single call to action for your subscribers. This is good to keep in mind when you’re sharing anything to shop or read specifically. Having too many options of what to click won’t be as effective as having one main item or story to share. You’ll for sure see a lot more traffic to one single CTA than if you had several for them to choose from.

Here are a few fun exclusive content ideas to include in your next newsletter!

Newsletter Content Ideas For Bloggers

  • An exclusive recipe
  • Favorite item you recently bought and how you plan on styling it
  • A personal newsletter with a little life update
  • Exclusive content that won’t be on the blog – this is great if not a lot of your photos came out well and there’s only one or two that you liked
  • Style one thing two ways
  • Your latest beauty product obsession
  • A workout routine your readers can try at home
  • A sale you’re shopping and what you plan on buying
  • What a day in your life looks like
  • Behind the scenes content
  • What you’re reading right now

You can try a few of these and see which ones resonate best with readers. From there, you may want to try turning one of them into a monthly series. It’s always nice to have a little consistency with your audience so they have something to look forward to!

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