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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Blog

spring cleaning tips for your blog

Spring will be here before we know it. With a new season comes a need for cleaning up, refreshing and refocusing. Just like you spring-clean your home to get ready for the next season, you should do the same with your influencer business.

These tips can be utilized throughout the year and are something that should always be kept on your radar. We recommend every quarter to go through these, but especially so as we head into spring.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Blog And Influencer Business

One of our best tips to make sure you stay on top of this is to set a reminder in your calendar to do this at least twice a year. We love using Asana as a blogger to organize our business and stay on top of tasks.

All you need to do is create a task and have it set to periodically. Set it to remind you every 3 or 6 months, to check in on all of these things. Here’s what we always review to spring clean for our blog and influencer business.

Update your profile photos to reflect the current season.

Make sure that headshot is not you in a heavy sweater, or that your hair looks totally different! We want readers to recognize you from your IG Stories to your profile photo. And it should match the new season too.

It’s also just a good idea to refresh this every so often. Make sure it looks like YOU! And when you change this photo, make sure to change it EVERYWHERE. It’s good to be consistent across social media channels so people recognize your profile no matter what.

Check that your bio and links on your social profiles are up to date and working properly.

Do a once over of your bio and all your links in your social profiles. Links should work, bio should be up to date, or maybe even refreshed a bit if you haven’t looked at it in a while. Is there a new freebie you’re offering to newsletter subscribers? Put that call to action in your bio to drive more signups.

Refresh your media kit with any new stats and recent projects.

Your stats change every so often, so it’s important that your media kit reflects your most up to date stats. Update your photo, any stats and notable press or recent projects. Need a media kit template? We have three options in The Library that you can edit in Canva. Become a member here to get access!

Review your top 30 most popular blog posts and update links, shopping widgets and SEO.

This is something you can really do every month if you want. Pull your last 6 months of stats and update the 30 most popular posts. You can probably skip your holiday posts since that season is over (instead, update those in the early fall so you’re set up for success).

Update the evergreen posts and any popular spring and summer posts with updated links, shopping widgets with in stock items and so on. Can any of these posts also be updated for SEO with more helpful content to drive more traffic? Make a note of any really outstanding blog posts and ones you may want to recirculate. Then work them into your upcoming editorial calendar so you can work smarter, not harder.

PS TBS members get access to our content spreadsheet where we keep track of all our best posts. It’s a great tool to stay on top of your best content so you can continue to refresh it. Become a member here ?

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Pin old content that’s relevant to the upcoming season.

A great way to create fresh content for spring and summer, is to pin old content that’s relevant now. You probably have tons of content that you’ve created over the years that you can easily make into fresh Pins for Pinterest. This drives traffic to old blog posts so you don’t have to write new ones. We love to use Tailwind to schedule this all out on Pinterest.

Review your goals and evaluate your progress. Make any adjustments or new goals for the upcoming quarter.

At the beginning of the year you probably wrote down some goals. We all do! But it’s important to do a check-in on these every so often. Take a look at what your goals were, how you’re progressing, and if you can make any adjustments to work towards achieving them. This is also why we love a KPI Tracker to track our progress and make notes of what’s working, and what isn’t. Get our KPI Tracker in The Library!

Update plugins, backup your site and your computer.

This is an easy one to overlook. Update your plugins (you should really be doing these as they come up) and also backup your site and your computer. You never want to be stuck in a position when something crashes and you don’t have a recent backup. This is why we love Siteground as they backup your site every day for you. And don’t forget to download and backup your newsletter subscriber list.

Reach out to your contacts for the next season and update any new points of contact.

With a new season comes new opportunities for partnerships. Reach out to all your contacts and pitch them any upcoming ideas you have. Touching base is key to staying top of mind. Also make note of any email changes and update that contact sheet!

Set aside funds for quarterly taxes.

Spring also means tax season. And paying those quarterly taxes are important. Make sure you have a plan to set aside 30% of your revenue to pay quarterly.

Update Your Newsletter Freebies And Check On Your Workflows

The new season is also a great time to create a new freebie to drive new sign-ups to your newsletter. And it’s also a great time to evaluate your newsletter strategy. Are your pop-ups working and linked to the right segments?

Have you double checked your workflows for your welcome sequence or any freebies you currently offer? Can these be updated or adjusted with new content or images? Or do you need to refresh them and make some new ones? I find myself doing a big refresh once or twice a year for all of my newsletter things to make sure readers are getting the best content to their inbox.

What are your favorite tips for getting ready for the upcoming season?

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