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8 ShopStyle Collective Features We Love

Our 8 Favorite Features Of ShopStyle Collective | The Blog Societies

Did you know that TBS founders Cathy (Poor Little It Girl) and Jessica (An Indigo Day) have been blogging for a collective 20 years? Crazy huh? So needless to say, they’ve learned a few things about affiliate income and revenue strategy in their day. And that’s why today we’re chatting our ShopStyle Collective (now known as Collective Voice) review and why it’s the superior affiliate platform for bloggers.

We are all about using the best tools that make their jobs easier and, in turn, make them more money. And for them, one of the biggest changes they’ve both made is switching their affiliate strategy to focus on using, almost exclusively, Collective Voice (formerly ShopStyle Collective).

While many influencers use and love rewardStyle for their affiliate needs, we have found Collective Voice is best for our blogs. Plus, the backend of Collective Voice is much easier to navigate and manage than rewardStyle.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the best features of Collective Voice, then this post is for you. We’re sharing our Collective Voice review and 8 favorite features of Collective Voice that we use daily to manage our blog affiliate income.

A ShopStyle Collective Review – Our 8 Favorite Features

There’s a long list of things we love about ShopStyle Collective. Overall, it’s ease of use and the time saved in creating widgets for our blogs that really make a difference. But there are also tons of great features that Collective Voice (formerly ShopStyle Collective) offers that no other affiliate platform does. And that’s why we LOVE using SSC as our affiliate platform.

No Need To Save ALL The Product

Creating a product widget is so easy in Collective Voice (formerly ShopStyle Collective), it’s one of our favorite features of the affiliate platform! Let’s say you want to create a widget just on pink coats. There’s no need to find a dozen pink coats across the internet and save them with a bookmarklet to your folders. Instead, just search the massive database of products and easily filter by brand, retailer, price, and color. It makes creating widgets a breeze.

All Your Widgets In One Spot

Every time you create a widget, it lives in your widget dashboard. It’s saved forever so you can easily access it in the future. You can even name them so you can find them with a quick search. This is great if you need to re-use a widget, or need to update an old post. 

Easily Star Widgets That You Update Frequently

In your widget dashboard, you can star a widget so it is pinned to the top for easy access. This makes it really easy to update the widgets you permanently have on your site.

For example, Jessica of An Indigo Day, has several widgets that she updates on her shop page with various categories. Anytime she shares something new on IG Stories, she can easily find this widget, add the products, and update. The widget automatically updates on the front end making it super quick and easy to share products with her followers.

shopstyle collective review

A Live View Of Clicks

When you log in to your dashboard, you can get a live view of what’s happening with your links. What’s being clicked, the increase in clicks and also where they’re coming from in the country. 

shopstyle collective review

Enhanced Analytics

Ever wanted to know where your clicks are coming from? Are they coming from Instagram, your blog, Facebook, or that widget or Look? One of our favorite features of Collective Voice (formerly ShopStyle Collective) is the enhanced analytics to show you a detailed breakdown of where your clicks are coming from via traffic sources, tool types (widgets, looks, or text links). In addition, you can view stats by brand, retailer, or product category.

Get Sale Alert Feature

When creating your widgets, you can opt to have a “Get Sale Alert” under each item. Readers can heart this so they can receive a sale alert via email with your affiliate link when the item goes on sale. Thus increasing your clicks and probability of making a sale.

Sold Out Feature

Easily update sold out items in your widgets so users are always landing on in-stock products. This can be done quickly on your widgets dashboard. SSC even provides similar items to swap out sold out pieces with so you aren’t searching for product.

A Helpful Homepage

When you log on, the homepage not only shows your latest sales and clicks, but also helpful blog posts that are timely. Plus, a countdown for major sales and deals. It’s a great resource to access brand updates, commission info and more. 

shopstyle collective review

Thanks for checking out our Collective Voice review. If you want even more tips on how to grow your affiliate revcenue, enroll today in The Affiliate Academy!

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