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4 SEO Tips To Rank Higher On Google

SEO Tips to Rank Higher on Google | The Blog Societies

As a blogger, your goal is to always increase your blog page views. More readership can bring additional ad revenue, affiliate sales, and brand partnership opportunities. But the only way to really get your blog ranking higher on Google is to master SEO. And we promise it’s easier than you think. We compiled a list here of 4 SEO tips to help your blog posts rank higher on Google that you can implement with your next post.

4 SEO Tips To Rank Higher On Google For More Referral Search Traffic

Helpful Content

First and foremost, before you use alt text, headings, or anything else, your content in your blog post should be HELPFUL. What does that mean? It means that it should answer a question someone might be Googling such as how to wear something, how to do something, how to make something. If you can not figure out how to solve a problem or provide helpful content that people may be searching for, rethink your blog post to frame it in a more helpful way.

For example, you would not want to share an Instagram round up of your vacation outfits and titling it “Instagram Round Up”. Instead, an effective blog post would be “Warm Weather Vacation Capsule Wardrobe”. Within this post you could use headings that cover things like “Warm Weather Accessories” or “Best Swimsuits For Vacation” and so on. This type of content is not only more useful for your readers, but it can capture new Google search traffic. When people are looking for “vacation outfits” or “warm weather outfit ideas” which should also be keywords you use throughout the post, this is how your post gets discovered.

Use Alt Text

You add Alt text to the images you upload into your blog post for several reasons. First, to be used as a placeholder if an image doesn’t load. So you would rather see “summer midi dress outfit” as text instead of “DCS38528935.jpg”. Second, Alt text is used to describe an image so that Google can crawl your site to rank it. You would want “summer midi dress outfit” to rank in Google, not “DCS38528935.jpg”. The more text and images you can rank in Google, the more organic search traffic you will earn.

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Use Headings

Your site design will come with different heading options. The various headings within your post help to identify the most relevant parts of your content. By reiterating your topic through headings you are telling Google what you’re writing about. Always start with Heading 2 as your main topic and then go into more detail with Heading 3, 4 and 5. We recommend always using at least Heading 2 and try to get in heading 3 whenever possible.

Using our Instagram vacation outfit roundup as an example again, we should make the blog post title “Warm Weather Vacation Capsule Wardrobe”. Heading 2 would be “Warm Weather Vacation Capsule”, Heading 3 could be “Best Warm Weather Dresses” and then Heading 4 could be “shop more dresses”.

See Headings In Action With These Two Posts

You can see a great example of this in Cathy’s post here on how to style ankle pants.

And here’s a non-fashion related post from Jessica sharing how to find new hobbies.

Write At Least 300 Words

Google prefers blog posts to have a minimum of 300 words. If you’re struggling to get to this amount, you may want to rethink your content. If it’s not a helpful post, it’s going to be harder to come up with 300 fluff words. Having more copy also means a larger opportunity to rank for keywords. Google categorizes content that’s under 300 words as “thin content” and to them means lack of value. Some of our top helpful posts here on TBS have over 1,000 words. We recommend aiming for 500 words minimum with a good mix of headings and supporting keywords.

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