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The Blog Societies

The Essential SEO Course For Bloggers

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The key to getting organic search traffic so you can make MORE MONEY from your blog is with SEO!

If you’re ready to stop relying on Instagram and chasing an ever changing algorithm for your income, then it’s time to focus on the thing that is proven to work, SEO. Search engine optimization is the best way to get your blog traffic up so you can earn more and stop relying on Instagram.

The Blog Societies

Ok, but does this sound like you?

+ You have a blog but don’t know how to get traffic outside of Instagram

+ You want to build a sustainable business that survives beyond social media

+ You want to create consistent affiliate revenue without having to constantly share IG Stories and links that expire in 24 hours

+ Keyword research is not your specialty and you don’t even know where to begin with what keywords to use, or where to put them

This is possible

You don't need to be a tech expert to master SEO

We’ll walk you through step by step how to find content ideas, research keywords and write blog posts from start to finish so you can start growing your pageviews and earnings with smart SEO. Whether you’re a fashion, beauty, travel or food blogger, we cover the essentials that can be applied to any content niche.

Bonus key 3 [tbs]_red

What's In The Course

Content ideas

Get our tried and true formula for blog post ideas that will show up higher on Google search. Plus, build an editorial calendar with seasonal and evergreen posts that will!

keyword research

Take the guesswork out of keywords. Discover the best keywords to use throughout your blog posts so they get traction and stay competitive on Google.

step by step posts

Whether you’re a beauty, travel, style or a food blogger, we’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to write a great SEO powerhouse post from start to finish.

google search console

We’ll walk you through how to analyze your Google Search Console so you can find and expand on topics that are bound to drive you traffic.

What our students are saying...

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Ready To Get Started?

Here's What You're Getting

$ 199
  • learn how to research keywords
  • how to find unique content ideas for your blog
  • google search console tutorial
  • how to write a blog post from start to finish with great seo
  • learn what headings to use and more
  • access the private fb group

Let's finally stop relying on Instagram for pageviews and sales...

And instead, focus on our blogs which will have longevity, defy changing social media algorithms, and generate income and new readers for years to come.

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There are 12 total modules in this course and they are all video presentations. Several modules walk you through how to write an SEO friendly blog post from start to finish in WordPress Gutenberg.


100%! While we cover WordPress to show you how to write SEO posts with Gutenberg, the strategy behind how to write posts, finding content ideas and so on can be applied to other website platforms as well.

It’s always best to start your SEO strategy from the get go. Our #1 regret in our blogging journey is not starting out on the right foot. Instead, we played catch up and had to go back and FIX past posts. It’s easier to start on the right foot so you can give your blog the best start possible.