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Sena of SimplySena

Sena of SimplySena Introduction

Hi Sena! What’s the name of your blog.


Where are you from?

Williamstown, West Virginia.

Tell us a little bit more about you and your blog, SimplySena.

I am a lifestyle blogger but I focus mostly on the fashion niche. I have a love for clothing and home decor and am sharing my family’s journey as we renovate our older home.

Give us your best tip for staying on top of the blog/work/life balance?

Treating blogging as a business and not a hobby. I make sure to schedule myself work time as well as family time!

Fill in the blank. What people don’t realize about blogging is…

How slow it can be. I’ve had to learn to adjust finances for those slow months and stretch out the more lucrative months.

What are three things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?

  1. How hard it can be. I had devoted so much of my time for such little payoff in the beginning. So to be where I am now has taken so much time.
  2. One strategy that works for someone will not work for you.
  3. This is a feed off of number 1. However, to keep going. There were so many times that things seemed to be slow and I didn’t think I would make it. I just needed to get over the “hump” and keep going.

What’s your favorite WordPress plugin and how has it helped your business?

pretty links, I love love love the analytics that I receive for links!

What skills and qualities do you think are necessary for a successful and professional blogger?

Self-motivation I think is the most important quality. There is nobody telling you what to do every day. You need to get up and take care of it yourself.

What has blogging taught you/given you that no other career or job has before?

You can truly enjoy what you do!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the blog world?

Do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!

What topic do you most enjoy writing about?

Fashion posts! I love putting together outfits and inspiration for important (and fun!) events in people’s lives.

What does a typical workday for you look like? Whether you’re a full-time blogger or not, we’d love to learn what your schedule looks like and how you manage it all.

I have two children so I tend to wake up at around 5 AM to work for a little bit. I get them ready for the day and work while they are at school. I spend my evenings with them and then work for a few more hours after they go to bed. I also use block scheduling to make sure I stay on task each day.

What would your dream partnership look like? From the brand, the content, all of it! Dream up your perfect collaboration.

Manifesting having a collection with The Drop for Amazon. The entire process seems like such a dream and I would love to work on it hands-on from start to finish.

What is a current blogging goal you are working on?

I was utilizing LTK almost exclusively but recent changes are making me move towards consistency with my blog more than anything right now.

What is one thing in the blogging industry that frustrates you that you wish you could change?

When people copy your work. There’s getting inspiration and then there is copying. Nothing gets me angrier than to see it happen to myself or others.

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