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6 Pre-Made WordPress Blog Themes That We Love

best pre-made WordPress blog themes for bloggers

Something that didn’t exist many years ago was pre-made WordPress blog themes for bloggers. Some of us would cringe to go back to what our sites used to look like. But today, there’s a plethora of options that are not only beautiful but also affordable.

This makes starting a blog these days super quick and easy (and did we mention, beautiful!). With so many options though it can be difficult to choose which is best.  TBS gets many new members coming in and we see a ton of blog templates and designs. We have found that having a cohesive design that’s reader-friendly and also well-built on the backend is key to success.

Since there are literally thousands of options and brands to choose from, we rounded up a few of our personal favorite pre-made WordPress blog themes for bloggers. From great templates for fashion bloggers, to food bloggers to those who may also have services to offer or an actual shop.

Plus, we love that so many of these take care of all the page templates you would need like Instagram landing pages, shop pages and more. Here are some of our favorite companies that create pre-made WordPress themes and which themes we love the most!

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The Best Pre-Made WordPress Blog Themes For Bloggers And Small Business Owners

1. 17th Avenue Designs

It was hard to land on one favorite from 17th Avenue Designs, but the Harper Theme is definitely a great option for bloggers. We love the focus on content and the intersertials throughout the home page. Giving you options to have readers subscribe to your newsletter, or check out season-specific content.

For a more service based business, course creators, or shop, the Audrey theme is absolutely stunning. The font is beautiful and we love all the page options that come with it. From sales pages, to portfolios and even an Instagram landing page. This looks professional and customized without breaking the bank.

2. emPress Themes

Designed by the popular blog designers, Victoria McGinley Studio and Elembee, these themes are much more editorial style. They have several amazing themes that are great for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. In addition to their themes, they also have a few plugins that we’re big fans of.

Their Shop The Post plugin is a great way to add more ways to shop your blog posts whether while reading the post. It also adds a shopping widget to your grid of older posts. So while readers are browsing through the archives, they can shop before even getting into the article.

Another must-have is the Link In Profile plugin that will replace those Linktree apps that we do not recommend. We use this plugin on our IG explore landing page that you can see here. This keeps your readers on your blog when they come over from Instagram.

Their latest release, Barton, is great for displaying your content, shopping finds and more! These themes are so easy to customize and make them stand out with your content. Shop all the themes and plug-ins here.

3. Tonic Themes

Tonic makes some of the prettiest sites I’ve seen. These are built from Showit, which is an easy to use drag and drop builder for websites. It’s still on a WordPress blog, but you use Showit to customize it all.

While the majority of the Tonic themes are more service, coach or podcast related, there are still options and ways to customize these for a blogger as well. I think having a beautiful static homepage is becoming more on trend anyway these days in the blog world, and these themes definitely cater to that.

tonic site shop theme examples and discount code

The Bijou theme is really beautiful, clean and feels editorial. This can easily be customized for a blogger or influencer. And French 75 is another favorite that has a stunning blog homepage with lots of customizable options.

We also love their add ons which can be a great option for anyone with a Showit website. From a favorite things page, to a link in bio landing page, and even blog expansion options. Plus, Canva templates to match your Tonic theme! There are lots of great pages and add-ons to purchase a la carte. Shop them all here.

4. Pix & Hue Themes

The prettiest themes for bloggers that feel elevated and special. We love the Harlowe theme for its unique layout and beautiful sidebar (ever seen a beautiful sidebar before? exactly!). And also the Josephine theme is stunning!

These are all built out on the free version of Elementor which is an easy-to-use customizer plugin. There are several themes from Pix & Hue to choose from and you won’t go wrong with any of them!

Also, if you’re creating a coaching or service-based business, Pix & Hue has some stunning themes designed for selling! With beautiful sales pages, podcast page templates and more, take your business to the next level with these themes. We love the Brielle, as it’s what we use here at The Blog Societies. These are built on the Elementor Pro version which is only $99/year but you can use the free version (that’s what we do and it’s plenty).

5. Pipdig Themes

We see Pipdig templates a lot in our inbox from applications. They’re super customizable and allow you to feature your posts and affiliates throughout the home page. However, we do find bloggers tend to turn all the options on which can result in a busy site to digest. Our recommendation is the Etoile WordPress pre-made template, it’s our personal favorite!

6. Hearten Made

Hearten Made themes are absolutely beautiful, editorial style WordPress themes. The Clementine theme has everything you need as a fashion or lifestyle blogger. The double navigation is also very neat and allows you to further organize your content for a better experience.

For a more service based, coach or portfolio option, Magnolia is really stunning and feels like a fully custom website with special details throughout. This theme, along with several others, have sales pages, testimonials and more.

And if you’re a food blogger looking for a WordPress theme, look no further than the Rosemary theme. This theme was designed for food, recipe and wellness bloggers in mind.

Tips For Installing A Pre-Made Blog Theme

Now that you’ve ordered a theme and are ready to install it, there are a few things to keep in mind. Installing a theme for your blog can take a few hours of tweaking. Definitely plan to spend some time on a weekend or at night with a checklist of things you need to do and images ready to go. You’ll want to make sure you keep in mind the following!

Have Your Brand Colors Ready To Go

Write down all your brand colors so you can easily pop them into a theme’s setting. Decide on which colors you want to be the dominant color and which to be the accent.

Branded Images

Have your headshot, any logos and branded images, ready to go. You’ll be using these throughout your theme and pages when updating your website. And if you’re doing a brand refresh, you may want to take NEW brand photos to match your new branding.

Once you install your new WordPress theme, go through your site and click on everything. All the links, all the navigation, make sure everything is working and has a link associated with it. You want to make sure you catch any hiccups before fully going live!

PS Be sure to get the best hosting for your blog to make sure your site is running smoothly and quickly. See why we love SiteGround here.

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