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7 Pre-Made WordPress Blog Themes To Love

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Something that didn’t exist many years ago were pre-made WordPress blog themes for bloggers. Some of us would cringe to go back to what our sites used to look like. But today, there’s a plethora of options that are not only beautiful, but also affordable. This makes starting a blog these days super quick and easy (and beautiful!). With so many options though it can be difficult to choose which is best.  TBS gets many applications coming in and we see a ton of blog templates and designs. We have found that having a cohesive design that’s reader friendly and also well built on the backend is key to success.

Since there’s thousands of options and brands to choose from, we rounded up 7 of our personal favorite pre-made WordPress blog themes for bloggers. From great templates for fashion bloggers, to food bloggers to those who may also have services to offer. Here’s what we’re loving lately.

Our Favorite Affordable Pre-Made WordPress Blog Themes

1. Blush Theme by Bloom

A light and airy theme that is simple with no sidebar and to the point. We love that it has  a section on the home page to include your affiliate widgets. This is a great opportunity to include your latest finds, or feature a roundup of seasonal favorites to drive additional affiliate clicks.

2. Peony Theme by 17th Avenue Designs

It was hard to land one one favorite from 17th Avenue Designs, but the Peony Theme is definitely a great option. The homepage includes a sidebar, shop the post features and a clean footer. Our favorite feature though is the category index!

3. emPress Themes

Designed by the popular blog designers, Victoria McGinley Studio and Elembee, these themes are much more editorial style. They have several amazing themes that are great for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. In addition to their themes, they also have a few plugins that we’re big fans of. Their shop the post plugin is a great way to add more ways to shop your blog posts whether while reading the post, or browsing through the archives. And their Link In Profile plugin will replace those Linktree apps that we do not recommend. This keeps your readers on your blog when they come over from Instagram.

4. Pix & Hue Themes

The prettiest themes for bloggers that feel elevated and special. We love the Harlowe theme for its unique layout and beautiful sidebar (ever seen a beautiful sidebar before? exactly!). There are several themes from Pix & Hue to choose from and you won’t go wrong with any of them!

5. Ghost Shell Theme by Pipdig

We see Pipdig templates a lot in our inbox from applications. They’re super customizable and allow to feature your posts and affiliates throughout the home page. However we do find bloggers tend to turn all the options on which can result in a busy site to digest. Our recommendation is the Ghost Shell template as it’s a more simplified layout and isn’t too busy.

6. Foodie Pro by Feast Design Co.

If you’re a food blogger this is your template! Although any of these would work regardless of your content, we find food bloggers tend to use a lot of tags for ingredients and organize their content in a more advanced way. This template includes a Recipe Plugin that helps to organize your tags (ingredients, cuisine etc) in an easy to search way.

7. Hello Gorgeous from Hello You Designs

These themes are beautiful and have several different functionalities within the themes. Many of them are great for those who may also offer a service and need a more general landing home page in addition to a blog. Either way, these are gorgeous and affordable!

PS Be sure to get the best hosting for your blog to make sure your site is running smoothly and quickly. See why we love SiteGround here.

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