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5 Essential Pinterest Tips To Getting Noticed On Pinterest

how to go viral on pinterest, pinterest tips for bloggers #pinterest #pinteresttips | 5 Essential Pinterest Tips To Getting Noticed On Pinterest featured by popular blogger community, The Blog Societies

It’s fair to say that Pinterest is hands down one of our favorite platforms. Utilizing Pinterest properly helps generate traffic to new and old content from your blog. We believe Pinterest is a crucial part of your blog strategy for growth.  Why? Because while some may believe it’s a social platform, it’s actually a search engine.

People come to Pinterest to solve problems, get ideas and be inspired. From finding the best hair tutorial to travel itineraries and recommendations for their next vacation. With that information, we can tailor our content that we publish to Pinterest to meet the needs of others. Here’s how we create impactful pins that generate more click-throughs, re-pins, and saves.

5 Essential Pinterest Tips For Bloggers To Grow Your Traffic

Text Overlay On Your Pins

First things first, you should have an arsenal of Canva templates for your pins to create easy text overlay. People are searching and browsing Pinterest to get answers to problems and the easier they know what your pin and article will be about, the more likely they’ll re-pin and click through.

Plus, having a good call to action in your text overlay is key. Let people know they should “CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE” or “GET YOUR FREEBIE” is nice and clear.

Canva has some Pin templates you can use, and we also have a set in The Library for our TBS members. You can join here to access them!

Keep Your Ratio In Check

Pinterest is keeping an eye out for your pin size and they should be a 2:3 ratio. Ideally, 1,000 pixels by 1,500 pixels. Anything beyond this ratio will not only be clipped in the feed (usually the bottom section) but Pinterest will also dock you for it. Keep Pinterest on your good side and keep your ratio in check.

Use The Search Function To Create An Impactful Pinterest Caption

Pinterest’s search function can help spark ideas for your text as well. Just type in a few words and you’ll see some generated blocks right below it. These are in order of popularity, what other people are searching for.

This can help you define your pins better, and spark new ideas for your text overlay as well. Since Pinterest is really a search engine, this is also a great way to see what’s trending and what people are looking for.

 | 5 Essential Pinterest Tips To Getting Noticed On Pinterest featured by popular blogger community, The Blog Societies

Your Pinterest Caption

Pinterest captions should not be what the ALT text in your posts are for your blog. ALT text is something that Google crawls to then put it into Google search. Your Pinterest caption may not be the same for several reasons. First off, you get 500 characters, make it count. 

You’ll also want to use hashtags that are relevant as well. Use them well, you get up to 20!  Lastly, you’ll want to make the description that’s eye-catching to Pinterest users and solves a problem. A great pin description should include three things. We’ll use today’s Pinterest post as an example.

  1. A title – How To Grow Your Traffic With Pinterest
  2. Hashtags – #business #pinterest #blogtips #blogging
  3. Additional text – Pinterest blogging tips, grow your Pinterest, Pinterest tips for business

You can also use Tailwinds new Ghostwriter feature to help you write incredibly keyword dense captions to really get your Pins working for you.

Use Tailwind

In order to generate new traffic to your blog and also repurpose old content, we recommend using Tailwind to help continually add new content to Pinterest.  You can learn more about Tailwind and how we use it here.

We always recommend going through old content that may be relevant again. For example, start pinning your fall and holiday content end of summer as people start to get inspired for the next season.

Use Idea Pins

This is a newer tool in Pinterest and they really like when you use their tools. Idea pins are sort of like a few IG Stories. You can create a story of X ways to style something and share a handful of looks. Or share a step by step guide of how to do something whether it be a craft, beauty routine or recipe. While these do not link out to your website, they can be a good way to get more eyes on your profile and other content.

PS if you’re a TBS member you can download our FREE Pinterest Pinning Calender and make a monthly checklist of content to pin! Not a member and loving these Pinterest tips? You can apply to join today here.

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