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Our New Membership Dashboard for The Blog Societies

Our New Membership Dashboard for the Blog Societies | The Blog Societies

2020 is bringing a lot of changes to The Blog Societies, the first of which is the launch of our new Membership Dashboard! While there’s a lot of backend stuff your founders are excited about, it’s what you, a TBS member, now have access to that we’ve can’t wait to share.

A few of the new features you will now have access to include:

  1. A Searchable Membership Directory – As more members complete their profile you’ll be able to see everyone listed in the membership list! Above the map is a search bar where you can type in the city, state, category, etc. to find bloggers. We’ll be ensuring brands can have access to this information so be sure your profile is complete and up to date!
  2. Online Events Calendar – You can add your own personal blog events, schedule meet-ups + we’ll be sharing our events, like #TBScon.
  3. Online Payments and Retrieve Your Payment Receipts.
  4. Upgrade Your Membership Level – You can upgrade to Choice or our newest level for 2020, LIFETIME! A one time fee that includes a welcome package AND a 1:1 hour-long consult with TBS Founders. As a current member, use code FOREVER to upgrade to the LIFETIME membership to get $50 off!
  5. Create a Personalized Profile – So other members can find you and follow you.

If you’re a current Blog Societies member, check your email on ways to set up your new account and how to access all the new features.
If you’re not yet a member, what are you waiting for!?

All of these new assets to the TBS Member Dashboard are here to help you connect with other influencers and, of course, cultivate a stronger community. We hope you enjoy!

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