Blogging Tips / January 15

Our Favorite Tax Articles From Amy Northard, CPA

Tax season tips for bloggers

It’s officially tax season and we’re making sure our business is ready to go for filing! Right now we are working on sending out 1099s to any contractors we hired like our wonderful web designer, photographer for our conference and more. As a small business, tax season can seem daunting. But that’s why we love working with Amy Northard. She’s attended several of our annual conferences talking about taxes, expenses, LLC and more.

In addition to offering her CPA services, her blog is also a super helpful resource when it comes time to file. We’re rounding up our favorite posts from her blog, The Accountant For Creatives.

The Ultimate Guide To Tax Deducations For Small Business Owners

Is My Blog a Hobby or A Business, And What Does That Mean For Taxes

The Top 10 Tax Law Changes That Will Impact Your 2018 Return

Everything You Need To Know About 1099s

How To Check Your Tax Refund Status

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