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Mackenzie of All Dunn Up

Member Spotlight: Mackenzie of All Dunn Up | The Blog Societies

Hi Mackenzie! What’s the name of your blog?

All Dunn Up.

Where are you from?

Austin, TX.

Tell us a little bit more about you and your blog, All Dunn Up.

All Dunn Up delivers visually striking and editorial inspired stories. The site serves as a digital destination of style, beauty and interior design at every price point. All Dunn Up’s mission is to spotlight local makers and artisans abroad, championing women-owned and BIPOC founded businesses, small batch makers, and brands that are giving back to their communities.

How many years have you been blogging at All Dunn Up?

Officially, less than 1!

Give us your best tip to staying on top of the blog/work/life balance?

For me, having an organized editorial calendar is everything. I’m so visual, it helps me see what needs to be done by when and when I have a little breathing room.

Fill in the blank. What people don’t realize about blogging is….

For me, blogging allows me to shop with you and help you find the next thing you’re going to love!

What’s your favorite WordPress plugin?

Google Analytics, of course!

What skills and qualities do you think are necessary for a successful and professional blogger?

My degree is in art direction, and I’m so grateful I have that skillset in my back pocket. Running a shoot, planning, and being able to properly communicate a vision to a photographer is key to successful visuals!

What has blogging taught you/given you that no other career or job has before?

It’s taught me to get over the fear of just asking. Whether you want to snap a shot in a busy restaurant or a whole collaborative campaign – you’ll never get it if you don’t just ask!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the blog world?

Your first “online” impression means a lot: it’s important to have a site you’re proud of!

Is there an app or business tool that you swear by?

Asana! it’s what I use to build my editorial calendar, and I’d be lost without it.

What is your main focus, blog or Instagram?


What makes your brand different than other bloggers?

For me, curation is everything. I love the search for small, women-owned businesses and local makers to champion. It’s important to me to spotlight these independent lines over bigger brands. It makes the find feel that much sweeter!

What topic do you most enjoy writing about?


What would your dream partnership look like?

I would love to partner with one of my favorite designers (like Ulla Johnson, Thierry Colson or Evi Grintela) to make a dress or collection. It would be such a dream to work with them, style our creations for a campaign, and host events to show it all off!

A current blogging goal you are working on?

Right now, I’m focused on building my audience and landing more brand partnerships.

What does a typical workday for you look like?

From about 8am – 6pm, I work in my full time job: I’m a digital art director and designer. Then I grab dinner and tune in to the social side of blogging: post any stories, respond to any IG comments I’ve missed, check in on my pins, and comment on some other blogs. Next, I check my editorial calendar to see what needs to be ready for the next day. Typically, I try to get all my content done and ready to go over the weekend so I’m not scrambling at the last minute.

What’s your most recent WIN with your blog?

My blog is brand new! I was so happy that I had over 2k unique visitors within the first 3 weeks of launching!

What is one thing in the blogging industry that frustrates you that you wish you could change?

The bad wrap blogging gets – I feel like anytime I tell someone I have a blog, there’s an eye roll that goes with it. I wish it’s reputation could reflect all the hard work it really is!

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

Either The Bachelor or 90 Day Fiancé.

What’s your Starbucks order?

Currently: a venti Cold Brew with Vanilla Cloud Foam.

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