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LEARN – Accounting For Bloggers



Would you believe me if I told you I have a degree in accounting? Aced accounting 101 and Corporate Taxes? Okay so I had to beg to pass Accounting Information Systems (aka Microsoft Access for Accounting which is basically the worst class ever).  Truth be told, I somehow passed these classes, never got my CPA, took a job in revenue accounting and wanted to kill myself. That didn’t last long…  Now that I have a blog that’s turned into a full blown business, I’m finally using the few things I do remember from school. So I’m kind of an expert, deal with it. And a small warning, this may be the most boring post to you non bloggers. Sorry.  Back to our regular fashion programming tomorrow. Promise.

Get all of the tips and tricks on tracking your blogs expenses/profits from accounting wizard (and SBS Co-Founder) Jessica of My Style Vita!

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