Georgia · Member Spotlight · Southern / September 24

Jordan of Jordan Berecz

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What’s your blog name?

Jordan Berecz

Where do you live?

Atlanta, Georgia

Tell us more about you and your blog

My blog and brand focuses on showing readers that it is possible to live life more beautifully while also guiding them on how to get there. Through beauty tutorials, fashion how-tos, travel itineraries, health and more, it’s all on Jordan Berecz.

What people don’t realize about blogging is…

      It’s hard work!

What are 3 things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. Stay true to who you are
  3. Work hard!

What’s been your most memorable moment as a blogger?

Making wonderful friendships with other bloggers!

Give us your best tip for maintaining a blog work/life balance

Focus on time management (make lists, time block, etc.) to maximize your time and get everything done.

Instagram or Twitter?


Coffee or tea?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Any show on Bravo.

What’s one product you can’t live without?

Cucumber witch hazel water

What’s been your favorite part of being a member of The Blog Societies?

I landed a Vera Bradley campaign from a brand connection I made at The Blog Societies Conference.

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