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Jessica’s Day In The Life

Jessica's Day In The Life

After 10 years of blogging over at An Indigo Day, I’m definitely in a routine when it comes to my day to day. While soAfter 10 years of blogging over at An Indigo Day, I’m definitely in a routine when it comes to my day to day. While some days are full of photo shoots, or photo shoot prepping, a good portion of my week looks a lot like the below. A lot of computer time!

Jessica’s Day In The Life

7:30 am – Wake Up, Walk Pork, Make Coffee

My routine every single morning. I’m usually up around 7:30 and head out the door with my dog Pork for her morning walk. When we get in, she gets a treat and I make my coffee.

Jessica An Indigo Day Day In The Life

8:00 am – Straight To Work

When my coffee is ready, I head straight to. my desk. I check the day’s blog post and create any content around it to share for the day. In a perfect world, I’d have this ready to go days in advance, but I typically create it the morning of. My to-do list for this content creation is to create my Instagram Story for the new post, the Instagram in-feed post, and share the post on Facebook and Twitter.

I then open up my Gmail and Asana. I usually have these both opened all day long. I check any emails that need to be responded to and clean out the inbox. I’ll also respond to my comments or any DMs from the night before.

Utilizing Asana for Your Blog

For Asana, I have a list of my tasks for each day. They vary from day to day and also depend on any projects I have in the works. Some of today’s tasks include writing some blog posts, and working on Pins for Pinterest. I’ll spend some time creating pins for my latest blog posts that went live this past week or so. I like to batch work these instead of doing them for each blog post. I’ll create unique pins and upload them to Tailwind.

Today I also need to write out some blog posts as I am quite behind on this. I despise having to write posts the day before and that’s been happening a lot lately. I’ll work on writing several blog posts from my long list of topic ideas I have. While I have about 2 months’ worth of blog post content ideas, I probably only have a couple of those posts actually written. I slowly chip away at this editorial calendar.

10:30 am – Break for a Workout and Head to the Grocery Store

I work out a few times a week and I like to get this done in the morning before lunch. This is also the time I usually get an errand or two in. Whether it’s laundry or cleaning or heading to the store. But today I head to the grocery store to stock my fridge a bit and then make some lunch after getting in my workout at my building’s gym.

Jessica of An Indigo Day Typical Day

12:00 pm – Lunch and a Walk with Pork

Jessica's Day in the Life

1:00 pm- Back To Work

Today I have to go over image selects that my photographer has taken. We did a big holiday shoot and there are quite a few images to sift through. I have to favorite the ones I want to be edited. I need to decide which ones are good for blog posts, which ones a brand may prefer for a campaign, and any other ones I want to be edited to have on hand. I quickly text my photographer to let her know I’ve favorited them so she can get to work on editing. Once I get these edited images back, I then upload them to Lightroom and make any other adjustments (sizing, crop, stamping out anything that’s out of place) and then export them to my computer to be used in posts and social. I keep a photo folder on my computer organized by shoot days so I can pull images for posts, Instagram and more. I also upload the original hi-res file to Dropbox to have a hard copy backup.

Now that I have all my images from this shoot (which had about six outfits total) I start to then place these into my editorial calendar where I know I need them. I also upload a few favorites for Instagram in Plann. I like using this social media planning tool to organize my Instagram feed and keep some things drafted ready to go. It’s also great for drafting IG Stories as well and saving them with the text and links associated with them. A few of these outfits were part of a campaign so I will also send off these images to the brand for review along with a caption.

While working on all of this, I noticed a blog post that is being recommended in my “a similar day” section at the bottom of today’s blog post is in need of an update. I like to make sure these related posts are optimized for the reader so I update the post since the affiliate widget is old and many items are sold out. I also tweak any copy to make it more evergreen. This is one of my go-to SEO tips.

3:00 pm – Afternoon Break

I take Pork out for another walk and have a snack. I head to the couch to catch up on a show I missed the night before. Taking breaks from my computer is key to keeping me more creative. And since I like to work late into the night (and start my day kind of early) I think long breaks are totally fine by me! I’ll scroll through social, text with some friends, maybe call my Mom. It’s break time!

4:30 pm – Head Back To My Desk

For the rest of the day, I’m working on finishing up my weekly newsletter (you can subscribe here!) and making a few IG Stories in Canva Pro for upcoming posts now that I have them written and ready to go. I add these to Plann with their link so I don’t have to worry about them.

I check into our email for The Blog Societies to see if we have any updates with brands for sponsorship for TBScon 2022. I’m in charge of securing the brands and this usually entails drawing up customized proposals, getting on calls with the potential sponsors to answer any questions, and following up in hopes to get a great brand partner for the event! Each time we secure one it’s like a mini celebration.

Jessica's Work Day Schedule

6:30 pm – Time For Dinner

On the menu tonight are tacos! I usually eat dinner while watching some TV before doing a little more work. At this point in my day, depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll either head to the couch with my laptop (which I try to do as little as possible) or finish up some things at my desk.

8:00 pm – TV Time

It’s on the couch for the rest of the night. I’ll wash my face at some point because no one wants to do that right before bed. I’m currently catching up on Succession which I can’t get enough of. And scrolling Instagram usually which is a terrible habit I have GOT to change. I’ll also take Pork for one final walk before we head into the bedroom.

10:00 pm – Off To Bed

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