Member Spotlight · Northeast / January 3

Jessica of Jessica Lynn

Jessica of Jessica Lynn Introduction

Hi Jessica! What’s the name of your blog.

Jessica Lynn.

Where are you from?

South Portland, Maine.

Tell us a little bit more about you and your blog, Jessica Lynn.

I’m a Kindergarten teacher who caught a travel bug a few years ago. I love exploring new places so much that I even got a part-time job with an airline at my local airport. I love strong coffee, good wine, my husband, and our two cats. On my blog, you will find travel tips, recipes, and themed date nights. I started this blog as a way to share my passion for travel and food with others.

Give us your best tip to staying on top of the blog/work/life balance?

I set aside a scheduled block of time to blog per month. By blocking out a few hours on a Sunday I am able to write and schedule two or more posts and then not have to worry about it.

Fill in the blank. What people don’t realize about blogging is….

It’s hard work! A lot more goes into blogging than just writing posts.

What are three things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?

Expect to put in a little money, you’re going to have questions and it’s ok to ask for help, I should have focused on SEO from the start.

What has blogging taught you/given you that no other career or job has before?

Since blogging I’ve become a better writer and have come out of my comfort zone a bit. I’m naturally an introvert and never would call myself an expert anything but I really enjoy sharing my passions with others.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the blog world?

Keep at it and don’t be discouraged if you don’t have many pages views or followers. I still don’t have many, only 100 followers after 3 years but I enjoy what I do.

What skills and qualities do you think are necessary for a successful and professional blogger?

Time management is really important. Yes, your blog is important but so are you. You need to make sure you don’t burn out. Also the ability to shake things off. Not everyone is going to like your style and that is ok. You’re just not for them.

What does a typical work day for you look like? Whether you’re a full time blogger or not, we’d love to learn what your schedule looks like and how you manage it all.

I teach kindergarten 7:40-2:10 M-F I work at my local airport Fri & Sat 8pm-1am. I actually do a lot of brainstorming while at the airport and will jot them down in a notebook. On the second Sunday of the month, I block out 2-3 hours and write. The rest of the time is for me and my family to enjoy. I think I have a pretty good work/life balance.

What would your dream partnership look like? From the brand, the content, all of it! Dream up your perfect collaboration.

I would love to partner with Airbnb or another rental co…maybe HipCamp. I think it would be fun to plan a road trip in the USA or abroad with a focus on unique stays. Spend a couple of nights in a place, explore the area, and then move on to the next experience.

What’s your most recent WIN with your blog?

I just reached 100 followers!

What is one thing in the blogging industry that frustrates you that you wish you could change?

It’s hard to get noticed.

How has your content changed since you first started blogging?

My content was originally just travel posts but now includes recipes and themed date nights in.

What’s your favorite blogging memory or highlight?

The first time someone tagged me in their Instagram story! I had been getting likes and a few comments but that made me feel like people are actually reading my blog! And they liked it enough to share it with others.

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