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Is Canva Pro Worth It?

why use canva pro to create graphics for your blog

If you’re in the blogging and influencer world, no doubt you’ve heard about Canva. Long gone are the day of meticulously creating designs and product collages in Photoshop and PicMonkey. Now, with Canva, you can create professional graphics in just a few clicks. And while the program is FREE, here’s why paying for Canva Pro is worth the money.

What Is Canva?

Let’s start off with the basics. Canva is an online digital publishing tool that allows anyone and everyone, regardless of your web experience, to design and create just about anything for anywhere. Think fun Instagram posts, shopping collages, Pinterest templates – whatever you need. Canva does it all!

Why Is Canva Pro Worth It?

As we mentioned, Canva is a free program anyone can use. However, with the upgrade to their Pro package, you get SO much more. And we mean a LOT more. After using the free program for years here at The Blog Societies, we finally decided to upgrade to the Pro program last year, and wow, our lives and business are forever changed!

#1 Upload Your Own Brand Kit

To create a cohesive branding experience for your audience, Canva allows you to upload your own specific brand fonts and colors. This makes creating designs quick and easy because you can simply select your own “branded” style guide you’ve created and it does the rest!

#2 Access To More Stock Images

Stock images allow you to create beautiful visuals for your Instagram posts or Pinterest templates. While the free version of Canva provides access to some stock images, the ones you get via the Pro program are far superior. With thousands to choose from, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, there’s even an extended library of graphics and videos.

#3 Background Remover

This may be the single biggest reason why we love Canva Pro the most!

Love those collages you see on Poor Little It Girl and the TBS Instagram feed? Those are all created in Canva! You can drag to upload product photos, or any photo you want, and use their magic Background Remover tool and you have a perfect background-free image to add to any collage or design. No more spending hours in Photoshop trying to remove backgrounds – Canva Pro does it for you!

#4 Create Team Workspaces

Here at The Blog Societies, we have a behind-the-scenes team that needs access to all our templates and designs to share on the blog and social media. With Canva Pro, we can add multiple people to our workspaces so we can all share designs in real-time. With this feature, you can also provide feedback and add comments/notes to designs too.

#5 Use of The Magic Resize

Creating a graphic for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest can be time-consuming. With Canva Pro you can use their Magic Resizer and with the click of a button transform your Instagram graphic into the perfect size for other social platforms. Taking the guesswork out of graphic sizing.

How Much Is Canva Pro?

Ok so now that you see how amazing Canva Pro is you’re probably wondering, but how much does it cost? And we promise it’s more affordable than you think! The monthly plan for Canva Pro is $12.95/month, but you can also do a yearly plan that comes out to $9.95/month.

PSSST… Did you know that as a TBS Member, you get access to our blogger resource library, which includes Canva graphics?

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