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Instagram Story Content Ideas For Content Creators

instagram story content ideas for content creators and influencers

Creating engaging and exciting Instagram story content can be a challenge. It’s hit or miss, views are up and then down. Where do you even start?

But you can definitely work to create good IG Story content as an influencer or blogger with a few of these thought starters. Sometimes it takes trying new things for a few weeks to also see what works and what doesn’t work. But overall, these are always a good idea to share to increase engagement and views.

Here are some of our best Instagram story content ideas for content creators to get you out of a content rut! And ways to create engagement and consistency with your audience.

8 Instagram Story Content Ideas For Content Creators

Share A Helpful Tip

Helpful content is king and what people are always looking for. What can you show in your IG Stories that helps to light a lightbulb over someone’s head?

Can you share a style tips, a recipe hack, a cooking trick? Maybe a quick beauty tip?

Whatever your content vertical is, lean in and think of all the tips you can share with your audience. You can always save them to a highlight too making it easy for people to share your content with friends.

Show A Day In The Life

Behind the scenes are always a fun thing for people to see. It’s important to share the real stuff though. Creating a fantasy world of perfection is not going to be as engaging as showing real life.

Share the ups, the downs, and everything in-between. Your followers will build more trust with you and will love to see this kind of content.

This is such an easy Instagram Story content ideas for content creators because it’s just sharing your day, nothing has to even be planned.

Once you’re done sharing this, use those clips to make a Reel or TikTok vlog of a day in the life. Creating content and using it in multiple ways is key!

Create A Weekly Series

Having something people can look forward to is one of the absolute best ways to build community and engagement. Plus, loyalty.

If you can do something every single week that aligns with your content, or even just something fun, you’ll see people tuning in to make sure they catch it. Maybe every Tuesday you share a recipe. Or every week you do an ask me anything but really tailor it to something specific and fun.

You could even do something fun like share your favorite funny TikToks every week. Creating a series is the ultimate way to build community and it also creates consistency for your audience so they have something to look forward to.

Instagram story content ideas to create community and engagement

Share Something Controversial

Whether it’s a personal view, or a hot take on something in your industry, getting people riled up with something controversial is gold for engagement. You may want to use this one sparingly.

These controversial takes are also really great to turn into a Reel or TikTok as well. They get lots of engagement and shares.

This Or That

When people engage with your stories, your content will continue to show up for them. So creating simple this or that stories and utilizing polls, questions, and stickers will drive more engagements and overtime, more views.

These can be just for fun and maybe even a little polarizing so people want to see results. Or you can tailor it to your specific niche. For example, if you’re a food blogger, ask people if they’d choose this or that in terms of dishes, ingredients or cuisines.

If you’re a fashion blogger, ask a this or that on upcoming style trends, or ask for some help on what to shop for. Mixing it up is smart too to keep things interesting.

Celebrate Your Wins (Or Losses)

Your audience supports you and they love to see when something great happens to you. Celebrating wins is a fun way to share your success with your audience.

The same goes for losses. Sometimes being honest and heartfelt helps to build a personal relationship with your readers.

Highlight Old Content

Throwing it back to some of your old content is really fun. It not only is a fun walk down memory lane, but your audience may have missed those blog posts from last year that you worked really hard on. Bring new eyeballs to your site by sharing old content.

This is also a really great way to drive fresh traffic to old blog posts. We love doing this after we’ve recirculated blog posts or updated posts.

Share Sales and Deals

To increase click-through on your sticker links, sharing sales and deals and exclusive promos are always a good choice. Choose this option sparingly though unless you’re entire content is based off shopping and sales. Otherwise it can feel a tad spammy if you do it too often.

The Blog Societies even has IG Story templates for sharing product and post roundups. Want to get your Canva template? Become a member today here.

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