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How To Use Your Influence To Support Black Bloggers

Here at The Blog Societies, we are committed to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Our goal since day one has been to provide resources to our members to grow their blogging business. With the events of this past week, we want to educate our fellow bloggers and influencers on how they can use their business and platform to support black bloggers.

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As the founders of TBS, we acknowledge our white privilege and know that we can do better here at The Blog Societies. We have always strived to have diversity on our platform and commit that we can 100% do a better job of this. With that, we’ve listed three ways below on how to use your own influence and business to support black bloggers.

How To Use Your Business To Support Black Bloggers

Ask Who Is Part Of The Project

Before agreeing to participate in a blog partnership, campaign, panel or press trip, it’s important to ask the brand who else is participating in the project. Here’s how to easily ask this question to the brand…

“Thank you so much for reaching out about this opportunity. I’m interested but would also like to learn more about the influencers who may be a part of this project. I want to ensure that I align my blog with brands that support black influencers and diversity within their campaigns. If you have a list of participants, I’d love to review it!”

If the brand sends over a list and it is clearly all white women who look the same, you can respond with the below .

“Thanks for sending over this list. After reviewing, I noticed there was a lack of diversity in the roster and wanted to inquire why that is. I’m happy to recommend a few black influencers that I personally have worked alongside who are incredible. If you’re open to including more diverse faces, I would then be happy to sign on.”

Supporting Black Brands

As a blogger, you have the power of influence on your side. With that power, you can choose to support black owned brands and businesses to share with your readers. They come to you for recommendations and the simple thing you can do is support those businesses.

Collaborate With Fellow Black Bloggers

Whether it’s creating a style series of 5 ways to wear something alongside other influencers, a fun giveaway to readers, or a roundup post on your own site, you can work with fellow black bloggers and support each other!

TBS proudly made a donation to ACLU on behalf of all our members. If you would like to contribute you can donate here.

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