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How To Use ShopMy

There are so many affiliate platforms to choose from when it comes to your blogging and influencing journey. Using affiliate marketing to monetize your content is a great revenue stream to have for your business. With so many affiliate platforms to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for your business.

We dive into the best affiliate platforms in this blog post, and even more in-depth along with strategy in The Affiliate Academy, a course designed for bloggers and influencers. ShopMy is a platform loved by many and is a newer option for creators.

There are a few things that we love about ShopMy, and a few things to keep in mind when switching to using this platform. We’re going to dive into how to use ShopMy to monetize your blog and influencer business and the pros and cons of using it.

How To Use ShopMy

What Is ShopMy

ShopMy is a great platform to use if you don’t have a website. I think that is one of the best perks of it because it can really feel like a great landing page for all your shoppable content. From linking TikToks, YouTubes and Instagrams, to rounding up favorites, linking your entire closet or home and more.

One of the things that really sets ShopMy apart, is that you can use ANY affiliate link on the platform. So this can be a one stop solution for creators to monetize all of their content with ALL of their affiliate networks in one single place. While also using the affiliate links that ShopMy offers.

To me, this makes Shopmy one of the best blog platforms for affiliates to monetize their content with. Let’s dive into how to use ShopMy and some of our favorite features and things to know.

Create Shelves

The thing you’ll hear about ShopMy are the shelves. There are many ways you can organize your Shopmy page, but you’ll probably create different sections like “Instagram”, “Shelves”, “Fashion”, “Home”, “Beauty”. You can break it down by category, and then within each of those sections you can choose how you organize it.

You can see below that I have “shelves” which is a roundup of some edits to shop. This section is also organized with the “shelves” feature. You can also choose editorial or square (similar to an IG feed).

Shelves are probably the most common, and it basically creates sections within the section. You can see that in my ShopMy below where my section is titled “Shelves” and within that section I have selected “shelves” for the way it’s organized. Each shelf is a category like “shoe edit” and “favorite bags”, and “denim under $75”. The shelves on this section is a way to display the products you’ve rounded up.

Below you can see in my HOME section I have selected the editorial layout to organize my product roundups. This is just a preference and you can choose however you want to display these types of things.

Organize and rearrange your sections by selecting the little edit pencil button or the plus button to add or remove sections. Easily rename sections as well.

Link Your Latest Social Posts

All of your latest posts on Instagram, TikTok and even YouTube can be pulled into ShopMy so you can easily make the content shoppable. You can also choose various ways to display this content whether it’s editorial style, square posts, or shelves. Usually for this I would recommend just the square posts as it closely resembles a social feed.

Just hit the plus icon and then select the post you want to add products to. Then select the products to add, and hit publish. You can also manually upload images if they weren’t on your Instagram, TikTok or YouTube to be pulled in.

Saving Products on ShopMy

To save products with ShopMy so you can share links or create your shelves and categories, you’ll want to download the Snapshop bookmarklet. Similar to LTK and Collective Voice, this is an extension/bookmarklet that allows you to save products on retailers’ websites.

Brands That Are On ShopMy

This is my major complaint about ShopMy is the lack of transparency of brands that are on the platform. I have asked for a list of retailers and still have not received one. I’m not sure why there isn’t a list made accessible for creators so we know which sites we can link to.

For the most part, a good amount of retailers are on the platform. And the other thing that is cool about ShopMy is that you can ADD your own affiliate links to products. So if you maybe wear a lot of Sezane, which is not on ShopMy, you can manually add a link and product to ShopMy so you can link it on the platform. You’ll see the “no commission available” when you go to make a link with Snapshop. That’s how you’ll know if something is not on the platform.

Embed Shopping Widgets

You can easily embed your shelves into your blog posts with ease on ShopMy. Select a section and then within that section, your shelf/section to share. You can embed the code as a carousel or full product feed.

This is a great solution for a shop page on your blog, or within a blog post. Similar to widgets on LTK and Collective Voice, but again the perk here is that you can include ANY and all affiliate links you have across platforms.

How To Add Affiliate Links From Other Platforms

This is one of the only platforms that allows you to link to ANY retailer within their platform. This truly can make ShopMy an all in one platform to use. Which is why I think it’s a great option if you don’t have a blog or website, or you want to have all your links in one place.

To add products from other retailers like LTK, Collective Voice, Amazon or any direct brand affiliate program you may be in, all you have to do is the following.

Step 1.

Go to links and select “Create New Link”

Step 2.

Select “Add by URL”

Step 3.

Add your affiliate link, title, description (optional), and an image. You’ll also want to toggle off the two options as you see below. Then hit save and your link is now in the system to use in ShopMy and will have the affiliate link for the product.

Brands And Gifting

One of the more popular aspects of ShopMy is the ability to chat with brands. I’ll be honest in that I think this is overhyped and I would still want to make connections with brands via email whenever possible.

Over a few weeks of using ShopMy, I noticed the brands mostly used this for notifying influencers of upcoming sales. Which is great, but I would’ve preferred it to be mostly used to actually connect with the brand.

Chatting and connecting with brands DOES happen though. And you may get opportunities through the platform through the messaging portal. Depending on your sales for brands, they may also reach out to you for gifting or exclusive discount codes. Something that is definitely a great perk to ShopMy.

But at the end of the day, I would still suggest you connect with brands organically via email and foster those relationships. ShopMy should be just one tool in that process of connecting with brands.

Your Account Tier

You may have noticed a number out of 100 for your account level. There is an account tier system that applies points based on various goals from referring people, to making sales, links and more. Each tier unlocks new things like a $10 bonus if you hit Ambassador, or a $100 bonus if you hit Icon status along with exclusive ShopMy event invites.

I’ve been in the Icon status for a couple months now and really haven’t seen a real difference in what I have gained access to. Sure that could change, but I would not stress to make this a major goal. Focus on your own affiliate strategy and the platforms that work best for you at the end of the day.

How To Use ShopMy App

You can use ShopMy on desktop (my preference) but if you’re on the go there is also an app. The ShopMy app is easy to use and allows to add collections or shelves, or add products to your latest social media post.

Having the app on your phone will make it easy to link, share and monetize while on the go. You can also check out your messages and any gifting opportunities right from the ShopMy app.

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