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How To Use Flodesk Social Forms

step by step tutorial on how to use flodesk social forms

One of our favorite resources as bloggers and influencers, is our Flodesk subscription. Flodesk is a newsletter marketing solution for creatives. They have made it so easy to make beautiful emails and create stunning pop-ups and full page forms to generate new leads.

We always say, the one thing we wish we did from the get-go of starting our blogging business is to have started a newsletter from day one. And honestly, the other regret is not switching from Mailchimp to Flodesk faster!

Newsletters convert at a higher rate than social media and help to build community. Plus, you OWN this list. You are not relying on social media and the ever-changing algorithm. If Instagram is down, guess what’s still available to you to communicate wth? Your newsletter list!

Flodesk has recently launched a brand new feature, Social Forms. Let’s dive into what these are and how to use them. PS you can get 50% off your first year at Flodesk with code TBSBFF.

Flodesk social form examples and ideas

How To Use Flodesk Social Forms

What Are Flodesk Social Forms

The Flodesk Social Forms are basically a link in bio solution. If you do not have a website, this is one of the best solutions on the market. They’re easy to use, beautiful and allow you to share your top links, forms and even digital products if you use Flodesk Checkout.

what are flodesk social forms

How To Create A Flodesk Social Form

Step One – Head To The Forms Page

To create a Flodesk social form, you’ll head to your Flodesk account and click “forms” and then select “+new form”. This is where all the form types live. Inline, pop-up, and full page. And now, social forms.

There are several to choose from that are pre-designed so you can easily update and tweak.

Step Two – Choose A Segment

Choose whichever form you’d like to begin with and then select which segment you want this form to be associated with. You can always change this, but each form is associated with just one segment.

You probably have a few segments already, so it’ll just depend on what your goal is. If you’d like to start a whole new segment, just type in what that segment will be named, and hit enter, it’ll then save.


Make sure your segment of choice is associated with a workflow. Workflows are a way to deliver whatever freebie or offer you are offering in exchange for a name and email. You can learn more about Flodesk workflows here.

Step Three – Start Customizing

Now that you’ve selected a social form and a segment, you can then begin customizing. The customizer is just like any other form where you can select colors, fonts and so on.

Depending on what you want to be included in your social form, here is where you’ll adjust!

You can add the following things to your social form:

  • Logo
  • Preferences – select which segments people want to be in
  • Image
  • Link list
  • Bio
  • Social icons

To adjust your number of links, tap outside of the text on a link and you can use the slider to select how many links you want shown. You can add graphics or photos to the side, add your text and even some sub-text.

flodesk social forms examples

Preview your social form on desktop and mobile to make sure it looks just right! Below is how ours looks once we finished creating it. We used our key logo as the image in the links.

Step Four – Hit Publish & Share

Once you’re done customizing, you can go ahead and hit the next steps to finish it off. Decide if you want to enable double opt-in (we suggest not doing this as it can reduce your subscriber open rate).

Choose if you want to be notified or not, and then select what to do after the form is submitted. Since this form has lots of other information in it, we suggest not redirecting to another URL. Unless your page is solely about your freebie or offer. Otherwise, simply display a success message.

Now you’re done! Your Flodesk URL should populate and you can then add this to your social media profiles for followers and potential customers to access the necessary information they need.

Do You Need To Use Flodesk Social Forms?

We are big believers in owning your own website. But we know that not everyone is interested in it. So at the very least, we always encourage influencers and creators to have a newsletter. Period.

So if you do not have a website, we definitely suggest using a Flodesk social form in your social profiles to capture subscribers and have a quick page for links.

Other Link In Bio Solutions To Consider

If you’re looking for other link in bio solutions, there are plenty of other options from LinkTree to Later. We love the Flodesk one because it easily integrates with your newsletter and it’s super easy to customize and make beautiful!

Use Gutenberg Blocks

But you can always simply make your own with Gutenberg blocks. Check out our tutorial here.

EmPress Theme Plugin – Link In Bio

We really love the Empress Themes link in bio plugin. We use it for The Blog Societies and you can see it in action here. This is a great tool if you have a WordPress website. TBS members get 15% off with our exclusive code in The Library. Join here ?

Collective Voice TapTo.Shop

If you’re a Collective Voice user (we LOVE this affiliate platform) they offer a fantastic link in bio option. This is ideal if you share shoppable links and images. You can create widgets of products, add in shopping-enabled images as well as include links and images.

While you can not embed a subscriber form with TapTo.Shop, what you can do is add a section with a URL and make it a link to your full page Flodesk form. The link feature also allows you to add a photo so you can make a graphic calling out your freebie or offer.

Here is an example of a TapTo.Shop page to give you an idea of how they look. We go into great detail on how to make these in The Affiliate Academy.

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