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How To Start A Blog Without Spending A Fortune

How To Start A Blog Without Spending A Fortune

Starting a new business can seem very daunting. So many things to do, to know, and to spend your money on to get started. But the great thing about starting a blog, is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get it off the ground. Sure we wish it was that easy when it came to the amount of work that will go into it. But it’s true, starting a blog today does not require you to spend a ton of cash.

Before you throw money down the drain, here’s how to start a blog without spending a fortune. Plus, you’ll look really professional at the same time!

How To Start A Blog Without Spending A Fortune

Buy An Affordable Theme

Pre-made themes make your site look professional in minutes. They’re easy to download, install and customize to fit your brand. You can check out our favorite pre-made themes here. They range from $25 to $75.

Use Free Stock Images

Starting a blog and writing blog posts can feel so overwhelming. Where do you get all the photos? How do you make your site look pretty when you haven’t created images yet? Easy, use free stock images. We absolutely LOVE Unsplash for this. Whether you’re a travel blogger, beauty or fashion, there is something for everyone in this catalog of images.

Canva Is Your Best Friend

Make beautiful Instagram posts, Stories, and graphics with ease in Canva. While there is a free version to get started on a budget, we do think the pro version is 100% worth it. You can learn more about why we love Canva Pro here.

We also have a few great Canva templates for members in our Library. From your media kit to Pinterest templates and more. Check it out here. Not a member yet? Join today here!

Use Your iPhone For Photos

The quality of images now on an iPhone are so incredible that there’s no reason not to use it for photos on your blog. Just be sure to use natural light for the most flattering images. This goes for fashion, food, and more. Natural soft light is everything. And don’t over-edit! This can easily make your images look low-quality when not done properly. Try a simple filter or adjustments in some free apps like Canva, PicMonkey, or Snapseed.

Promote Your Blog On Free Platforms

You don’t have to pay for ads or fancy content scheduling apps just yet. Use what’s free and available to you like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and so on.

Favorite Free Software For Invoicing

Did you land your first campaign? Amazing! Paying for a bookkeeping service isn’t necessary at the beginning. Instead, try Wave to create professional invoices and track everything. This also allows you to accept credit cards and bank transfers as payment.

Get A Logo For Next To Nothing

Yes, you heard that right. Sure you can create one in Canva if you want and have the creativity. But honestly, you can spend under $20 for a beautiful logo on Creative Market. Or you can just download a beautiful font and write your name out and be done. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. Our only tip is to keep your branding consistent. Which costs nothing! Pick your two fonts to use for your brand along with a handful of colors and keep it consistent. Your brand will feel elevated instantly.

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