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How To Promote Your Blog For Free

how to promote your blog for free

Promoting your blog posts and blog is one of the things we are ALWAYS thinking about. The more people we can get to read our blog, the more money we can earn. From display ads, to affiliate revenue, more traffic always means more money.

So how do you promote your blog to make sure you maximize your traffic? There are so many ways to do it. Sometimes we can get stuck in a routine of promoting in all the same ways. I urge you to take a look at your traffic sources to see WHERE your traffic is coming from.

While some of these may work for you, some may work better than others. It may take a little trial and error. But once you start to see which platforms and tactics work, lean into them. And definitely try some new things like guest posting, leveraging different social networks you may not personally use all the time, and of course, SEO.

How To Promote Your Blog For Free

Leverage Your Social Media Platforms

First and foremost, the most immediate way blog promotion strategy is to utilize your own social media platforms. Sure you need to make sure these platforms are growing. But it’s important to utilize them to their fullest. Always post on social media when you have a new post no matter what!

It’s also important to realize that one piece of content from your blog can become MANY pieces of content across social media. Pull apart your one blog post and share it in new and different ways across all your social networks. Promote your blog post across all your platforms in all new ways to really maximize your efforts. There’s no need to create ALL new blog posts either.

Instagram Posts

Share your blog and new blog posts to your Instagram feed. Create enticing captions that encourage people to click the link in your bio. Your social network is so important and Instagram is where a lot of our audiences tend to hang out.

Instagram Stories

A sure-fire way to get people to your blog quickly is by sharing your blog links in your IG Stories. One trick to get MORE clicks is to create a few stories on the post. Tease a little bit of the post in each story and have a good call to action to drive the most clicks.

Reels And TikTok

Video is quickly becoming a great way to get the word out about your blog and brand. Create content that’s helpful, shareable, and exciting videos to be shared on Reels and TikTok. This will definitely help you grow your following which in turn, will grow your blog. Social shares of your content from other followers are how you’ll really see follower growth.

PS TBS members get access to The Library where we have FREE Instagram Story templates, Reels cover images and Pin templates!


Don’t sleep on Pinterest! Pinterest is a powerhouse platform that is very similar to Google search. It’s basically a great image search. Create unique pins with helpful descriptions to get more people to save, pin and click.

Use Tailwind to help automate all of this to take a lot of the guesswork out of it. You can learn more about how to use Tailwind here.

Facebook Posts

While Facebook may feel like a lame social media platform nowadays, it’s still important to use. Have a good Facebook brand page and share your latest posts on it.

Facebook Group

Create a private Facebook group for your readers to create community. This is such a good way to build your relationship with your most die hard fans. These are the fans who will mention your name to their friends, and are most likely to click and read your blog.

You can also use your Facebook group to promote your blog posts so people are always notified of new content. Use your Facebook group to generate traffic, and also build community.


Share your latest posts on Twitter and be sure to tag any brands you’re mentioning in the post. This can result in retweets and get you in front of a new audience on Twitter.

Make Use Of SEO Techniques

SEO is THE way to grow your blog traffic. And capturing those new readers from Google is key. Don’t sleep on SEO for your blog because it is the #1 way you’ll grow. Anyone who says blogs are dead are wrong. My blog traffic for my fashion and lifestyle blog, an indigo day, grows year over year. And majority of that is all thanks to Google search engine traffic.


Optimize your blog posts with good SEO. From solid keywords, to optimized images, and using the SEO Yoast plugin, there are many ways you can ensure your blog posts perform on Google. Pro tip, use longtail keywords that are more targeted. You’ll likely find it easier to rank on Google.

You can also learn more about SEO and how to use it for your food, fashion, lifestyle or beauty blog with The Ultimate SEO Course For Bloggers course here. We cover keyword research, how to outline a post for SEO, and more!

To anyone who says blogs are dead, see below year over year growth. Zero paid advertising, solely using SEO, social media and email marketing.

how seo can grow your blog

Guest Posting

Guest posting on another blog or website is a really smart way to increase your SEO. Getting your links on other high performing websites that reflect your target audience is essential. Do this by pitching websites, or working with brands to include your link on their blog.

Find relevant websites that match your target audience to make sure this is a good fit. Getting your link on another website is great, but if it’s one that doesn’t match your audience, it’s a waste of time.

Leave Comments

Leaving comments on other blogs that have a similar target audience is actually a great way to get your links on other sites. Do this in a non-spammy way by leaving personalized comments, and signing it with your name and blog URL. Avoid anything spammy as these may get deleted or flagged.

Reach Out To Influencers And Build Relationships

Building solid relationships with influencers and brands is a no brainer way to promote your blog. Supporting one another is key in the influencer industry. There are a few ideas you can try here to promote your blog.

Podcast Interviews

Find a relevant podcast that you can contribute to. If you’re an expert on healthy eating, find a health podcast to reach out to. Are you a beauty expert, find a beauty podcast to discuss your favorite products.

It’s important to tailor your pitch with a specific idea and ways you can help promote one another.

Speaking Engagements

If you’re comfortable public speaking, find blogging conferences or events that are in your niche to speak at. Being an expert in your field as a blogger gives you a leg up to pitch yourself for speaking engagements.

Build Relationships

Quite simply, building relationships with brands and other influencers and bloggers is key to promote your blog. The more people you know, and the more quality relationships you have, the better you’ll be off.

Brands are more likely to work with people they know, influencers are more likely to support one another when you have a solid relationship, and so on. Reach out, connect and network.

Harness The Power Of Email Marketing

Email is one of the best ways to convert. Building a list of email subscribers who are interested in your content should be the #1 thing you think about behind SEO.

Email Marketing

Use your emails to market your blog to your current audience. And be sure to grow your subscriber list by providing high quality freebies that are relevant to your content. Check out our newsletter freebie ideas here.

It’s also crucial to use an email marketing platform that is affordable and easy to use. We love using Flodesk for this. It’s affordable, beautiful and SUPER easy. Create beautiful pop-ups, emails and workflows with ease. Learn more about Flodesk here.

See below to see how creating quality freebies can really grow your subscriber list. Plus, we love using ShopStyle Collective’s “sale alert” feature to capture even more emails. You can learn more about this here and in The Affiliate Academy.

how to grow your subscribers for your blog
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