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How To Drive Traffic To Your Latest Blog Post

How to Drive Traffic to Your Latest Blog Post | The Blog Societies

So you’ve published your first blog post of 2020, now what? Readers don’t magically just appear on your website, you have more work to do to earn those eyeballs! After all the time and effort you’ve put into creating such great content for your website, there are easy, actionable steps you can take to set yourself up for success with your readers. There’s several great way to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Here are 5 things to start doing right after you hit the PUBLISH button on your latest blog post.

Promote Your Blog Post On Social

Social Media, whether your cup of tea or not, is where you really connect with your readers. If they don’t check your blog every day, it’s a great platform to let them know you have a new post up and a brief description of what it’s about and why they should read it. If done correctly, it’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog as well as creating a sense of community with your followers. Think about how you can create strong calls to action with your post topic to help promote your blog post and encourage more clicks.


  • Create a strong CTA (call to action) to drive clicks.
  • You can schedule posts on your blog Facebook page before your post goes live so it’s perfectly synced with your blog post going live.
  • Schedule more than one post. While you’re scheduling the same post, schedule one a few weeks from now and one a month or two from now. You always need to be recirculating blog content!


  • Share your post on Twitter and be sure to tag any brands you may be featuring.
  • Use Hootsuite to schedule your Tweets in advance. That way you aren’t scrambling the day of trying to get the word out. You only have 280 characters so keep it short, sweet and catchy!


  • Pin your pinnable images to Pinterest with a strong Pin title.
  • Add a detailed description and be sure to use hashtags (we cover a lot of this on a post here).
  • Create Pinterest graphics specific to that post that have a great call to action to drive clicks on Pinterest to your blog.
  • Try downloading Tasty Pins Plugin, we love using this plugin to add these Pinterest graphics to the actual blog post so users can pin them. Plus, it gives you more control over Pin Title & Descriptions.
  • Schedule Pins on Tailwind so your content is being shared throughout the year (or season) that’s relevant.


  • Share images on Instagram In-feed.
  • Share a handful of Stories to your Instagram with a teaser of what they can expect to encourage swipe ups (or include a link in your bio if you do not have a swipe up).
  • If you do not have 10k to do swipe up, encourage your readers to DM you for the link to create engagement with your audience/community.

Connect With Brands

If you shared a blog post specifically about a brand, this would be a great opportunity to reach out to that brand to show your work. This is an ideal way to build a relationship or continue growing current relationships with brands. Not everything has to be sponsored to be shared with brands, show them your ongoing love for them!


Giving your newsletter subscribers something exclusive is always a great way to add value. Can you expand on your latest post and share it with your subscribers? You can also include this new post in a roundup of new posts for your newsletter to share what’s happening on your blog lately.

Add Your Link To Older Posts

Internally linking within your blog is a great SEO tactic and helps to increase your page views. If your recently published blog post is relevant to an older post, add it in!

Reply To Comments!

Reply to any comments or questions from your post. Whether they’re on your blog or on social, being engaged with your audience is important!

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