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How To Price A Sponsored Blog Post

how to price a sponsored blog post

Pricing your sponsored blog posts can be a shot in the dark at times. It’s hard to know exactly where the sweet spot is, how much is too much or how little is too little. Here at TBS, we rely heavily on discussing this with our closest blogging peers and via this platform. We’ll believe it helps to have a sounding board and get insight from others. In an effort to be as transparent as possible and also help build the industry up from FREE posts to being compensated for your WORTH and WORK, we wanted to share this important post today.

What You Need To Know When Pricing Your Blog Post

There’s a lot that goes into exactly HOW you price a blog post. Many factors will play a role. From the size of the brand/company you’re working with, timeline, the scope of work, photo rights and more. It can be complicated to navigate. Although there isn’t really a right or wrong answer we wanted to share how we would price a blog post.

1 – Find Your Traffic

The bulk of the price will be based off how much traffic you get. Check your Google Analytics (you can read more about GA here) and find your average monthly pageviews. You can take an average of the last 3 months.

2 – Timeline

What does the timeline look like? For blog posts that require an insanely short turnaround, we usually tack on a fee for that. We’d say anything under a week turnaround should be charged an additional fee.

3 – Scope Of Work

Are you creating a tablescape that requires you to invest in ingredients, props and more? Or is it a simple hair tutorial you can shoot yourself? A flat lay? Knowing what the scope of work is will play a role in your pricing.

4 – Exclusivity

Exclusivity is a BIG one and one that is definitely subjective. If you’re being asked to offer exclusivity for a particular retailer or brand you feature often, you’ll charge a lot more for that. (An example of exclusivity would be working on a sponsored blog/social post with a coffee brand and then not be allowed to post any other coffee products for the 6 months prior to the posts going live.) But maybe if it’s a one-off brand you rarely feature or it’s a content vertical you don’t cover often, you may be more flexible. Always think about it in terms of “how much money would I possibly be losing if I offered this exclusivity” and incorporate that into your pricing.

5 – Photo Rights

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, photo rights are SO IMPORTANT. You do not own your images unless you are taking them yourself. Work with your photographer to come up with a rate and contract (read more on that here) and be sure to include that in your rate. If a brand wants to use the photos in a nationwide year-long campaign, that will be a serious fee. If they just want to use it in a regram on Instagram, you may offer that complimentary.

Now that you have all the information you need for your negotiating, it’s time to come up with a rate. We always recommend asking the brand first what their budget is. It’s negotiating 101. Never be the first one to throw a number out. You never know what someone’s budget looks like and you don’t want to undersell yourself. But sometimes, this isn’t always the case. Instead, we always recommend offering a range and keeping it a tad vague so you can play around with asks.

How To Price A Sponsored Blog Post

(Total Pageviews / 10,000) x 200 + [Any Add Ons] = Your Blog Post Rate

*Note: This does not include social media. To learn more about how to price yourself with social media, you can download our Blog Pricing Package Guide from The Library. Members get FREE access to this. Not a member? Join today to get free access to our library, Facebook group, exclusive newsletters and more!

This rate should be the middle of the road for you. And where you’ll begin to go up or down depending on all the things you asked in the previous section. We like to double this rate and begin negotiating from there. So for example, if you have 50,000 pageviews and are adding on a $500 tight turnaround fee (see more on that below), you would charge $1,500 for the sponsored post.

(50,000 / 10,000) x 200 + [$500] = $1500

Possible Add On’s

  • Photo rights, this may add an additional $250-$2,000
  • Exclusivity, this may add an additional $1,000-$5,000
  • A tight turnaround, this may add an additional $500
  • Social media, add this on accordingly! $50-$750
  • Having to buy ingredients, props and so on, etc. to complete the post: TBD

These are not steadfast pricing or rules, but we hope this blog post serves as a guideline on what you can and should be charging for any sponsored blog or social media posts. In this industry, we’ll only move forward if we as influencers know our worth and ask for it. If you have another method for determining pricing or any questions, leave us a comment below!

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