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How To Prevent Burnout As An Influencer

How To Prevent Burnout As An Influencer

If you’re experiencing burnout from being a content creator, influencer and blogger, you’re not alone. This job can feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel unable to ever turn it off. With social media being a 24/7 opportunity, sometimes we have a hard time turning it off. That’s why today’ we’re going to talk about how to prevent burnout as an influencer.

Burnout can come in all different forms too. I think there are two that are most common when it comes to influencers, creative and emotional burnout.

There’s creative burnout when you simply aren’t inspired and don’t know what to create. Maybe you find yourself staring at your screen not knowing what to create next. Or you find yourself consuming a ton of content because you can’t come up with any ideas.

You may also experience emotional burnout. Being an influencer means you are subject to constant criticism from the internet and also unsolicited advice in your DMs. Which can truly weigh on you emotionally.

So if you have ever experienced this, let’s dive into how we can avoid it as best as possible. Plus, ways to dive back into your creative side so you can be refreshed and inspired.

How To Prevent Burnout As An Influencer

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals will help to prevent burnout because you won’t feel like there’s no end in sight. We love using Asana to create tasks, goals, and timelines for us to manage. It allows us to see the big picture and also slowly chip away.

It’s also important to learn when to say no and not overcommit. Setting realistic goals will allow you to know when to say no. This can mean setting a goal to post X amount of times. If you feel overwhelmed by what your current posting schedule is, it’s then time to cut back!

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks can be from working on tasks, to taking actual breaks from social as a whole. It’s really easy to work every single day as an influencer because social media makes us feel like we always have to be ON. But newsflash, you don’t!

When working on tasks, it can be helpful to set a timer, the Pomodoro method is a popular one where you set a 20 minute timer to work on a task. This allows for better focus and you may find yourself getting into more of a creative groove thanks to this method.

Plus, setting up regular days off and vacations where you can truly step away are key to not only avoiding burnout, but boosting creativity! With the ability to schedule content on all platforms (except mostly IG Stories) you can truly take time away from your business.

And if you’re worried about not posting to IG Stories every single day, guess what? Many Instagram experts actually encourage you to let your stories fully expire and wait 24 hours before posting again. You do not HAVE to post every single day, and every single hour to stay relevant.

You may also want to truly schedule a real vacation. I know this can be a challenge as creators because you want to CREATE when you’re at a fabulous destination. But you can really do it with balance if you really need to. We’ll write more about this but keep in mind that you can always take photos and videos in the moment, and then deal with them when you get back and THEN post.

Diversify Your Content

I think the platform that causes the most burnout are Instagram and TikTok. The social platforms. They really make you feel like you need to be constantly creating, and also constantly comparing yourself to others. If you can work to diversify your content outside of these platforms, you’ll feel a huge relief.

As someone who has been blogging since 2011, I can attest that the thing that feels the LEAST stressful to create for is my blog and newsletter. They are on my own terms, my own time, and there is not a steady stream of unsolicited advice happening all while creating this content.

Try posting more blogs and newsletters to mix things up and make it feel like you aren’t beholden to an algorithm and platform you can’t control.

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Repurpose Content

It’s easy to think you need to constantly be creating NEW content. But the real secret to avoiding burnout, is to repurpose your OLD content. Not every single person who has followed you has seen every single piece of content you’ve ever created.

Reshare old videos, photos, and more. This will make content creation feel a lot less stressful. Recirculating blog posts is one of our favorite things to do, but this also applies to Reels, TikToks and in-feed posts.

PS we also have a content planner for old posts in The Library. Become a member today to unlock the resources and tools to grow your business. ?

Practice Self Care

Just like with any other job, it’s important to practice self care. Take walks, take breaks, eat well, get good sleep. All of these things help to prevent burnout no matter what you do for a living. A few things we swear by are daily movement whether it’s a walk, or a workout. Plus, leaving our phones in our office at night so we go to bed and wake up without our phones. Starting your day by rolling over in your bed to check DM’s does not make you a better creator.

Starting your day by rolling over in your bed to check DM’s does not make you a better creator.

Also, remember to reward yourself! This is a great way to practice self care. It can be really hard to get that validation from being an influencer unlike being a traditional 9-5 job. So make sure to celebrate wins especially when you reach those goals you set earlier!

Get A Support Group

This is truly one of the reasons why The Blog Societies was founded. Being an influencer is an isolating job and can quickly cause burnout. Having a support group can help you feel supported and like you have a community. It’s important to have these relationships with others to prevent burnout and also to just make this job more fun!

When you become a member of The Blog Societies you get access to our Facebook group where you can ask questions, and you can join us for our monthly TBS Academy classes and TBS Creator Hotline group calls. These are great places to connect and maybe start a support group on top of these scheduled classes.

Do A Quarterly Check-In On Your Calendar

It’s easy to fall into a routine thinking it’s what you need to be doing. Try doing a quarterly check in on how you’re spending your time, what your posting and to what platforms. Are some things worth your energy? Maybe even more? Or are some things not resulting in a good ROI that’s really worth your time?

By evaluating and assessing your workload, strategy and overall time, you may find ways to maximize your time, eliminate tasks that aren’t needed and possibly pivot your strategy to benefit your business (and your mental health).

Unfollow People

I can’t stress this enough, but following thousands of people, especially those who may make you feel bad about yourself, are not worth your time or energy. Unfollow people, do a mass clean out, you will feel so much better knowing that when you do log onto social, you won’t be inundated with content or accounts that don’t make you feel GOOD.

how to prevent burnout as a content creator

Tips On How to Dive Back In and Feel Refreshed and Inspired

Now that we’ve done everything we can to avoid burnout, let’s talk about tips to try to dive back in feeling refreshed and inspired. These are things that can help you shift your content strategy, get you inspired to create new things or just get new ideas to expand your current content pillars. Plus, these will also help to avoid burnout in the long run.

Rediscover Your Passion

Sometimes we need to take a step back and reflect on why we started doing this in the first place. We can easily lose sight and get caught up in comparison, or doing what we think we should be doing because similar creators may be doing it. Whatever your passion is, rediscover it, write it down, and keep it front of mind when creating.

Seek Out New Sources of Inspiration

Finding inspiration in new places can really help your mood, boost creativity and make things feel new and fun again. Try reading new magazines, traveling, and exploring new places to help spark some creativity.

Maybe you’re a food blogger, try following a few new bloggers who share totally different things than you do. It can help spark some inspiration for your own content. Or if you’re into beauty, maybe it’s time to try a brand new product or brand and explore new things.

Also following creators outside of your own niche can be super helpful with this. Following people who are similar to you will ultimately result in a comparison game. But following creators who are totally different than you, or maybe people who play different roles in the vertical you’re in can help to encourage you to get new perspectives. Think food prop stylist if you’re a food blogger, or creative director of clothing brands or models if you’re into fashion.

blog communities and resources for creators

Engage With Your Community

Don’t forget about the people who already follow you. Engage with your community, ask them what they want to see, get feedback and fresh ideas directly from the people who already love and consume your content. Sometimes they have the BEST ideas for you to create new content around.

Learn To Celebrate Small Wins

Going back to this job being a bit isolating and not really having anyone to provide proper feedback on like you would in a 9-5, it’s important to celebrate the small wins. Make this a habit to set goals, and then celebrate those wins.

And also celebrate the small wins. Did you finally get a partnership with a brand you love? Celebrate it! Did you maybe finally figure out Flodesk and made a workflow and freebie? Celebrate it!

Try keeping a gratitude journal as well which can help you notice those smaller wins over time. These are the things that help you keep going forward and staying focused.

If you’re struggling with burnout, we hope these tips will help you feel reinvigorated to create content and focus on why you started in the first place. We hope you join The Blog Societies to also find more community and support so you don’t go through it alone.

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