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How To Prepare For A Blog Photoshoot

7 Ways to Prep for a Blog Photoshoot | The Blog Societies

If you’ve been blogging for an amount of time, you know how crucial it is to have good photographs. It’s how you present your business to the world, it’s how brands pick you for campaigns and it’s how followers decide if they’re going to follow you or not.

A lot of work goes into a blog photoshoot. You need props (see our 8 favorites), outfits, a photographer (here’s how to find and work with one), locations, editing, the list goes on and on. Today, we thought we’d share 7 things that help us when we’re preparing for a blog photoshoot.

How To Prepare For A Blog Photoshoot

  1. Find Inspiration! Whether you draw inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest, save photos on your phone to get inspired by. Also, share these with your photographer so they are aligned with your vision.
  2. Determine the amount of time you and your photographer can shoot for. Having clear start and end times is key to good communications. Founders Jessica & Cathy find that they can squeeze in 5 or so full outfits in an hour with their photographers.
  3. Scout a location that works for your stories and aesthetic. Keep in mind where you’ll change!
  4. Keep lighting in mind. You don’t want to shoot in direct sunlight (unless that’s your thing!) but be mindful of the time of day. Dusk and dawn are great times to shoot that have softer light that can help to keep your photos looking more consistent.
  5. Come up with the outfits/recipes and so on that you need to shoot and create an initial list. Laying things out is helpful so you can see what flows into the next easily. For example, you may be able to style your jeans 2 different ways and there’s no point in taking them off and putting them back on. Don’t forget about your sponsored content you need to shoot!
  6. Create a shot list. We recommend putting your shot list in order of how you’ll style your looks. Arrange things in an order that’s most efficient (like those same jeans back to back!). Also, we like to put notes on ours to remind ourselves to swap out earrings or add a different lipstick.
  7. Think outside the blog post. We like to maximize our time when we’re working with our photographers. Can you create a fun photo with some of the items you’re packing for your shoot to create all new content? For example, if you’re shooting a bunch of looks with sweaters, can you stack them nicely and take some fun photos with them as additional imagery for your blog or social channels? It can take just a few seconds and you’ve created a whole new bit of content. (P.S. In a blog rut? We have 15 blog post ideas that might help!)

How do you prep for a blog photoshoot? Share with us in a comment below!

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