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How To Increase Your Ad Revenue

tips on how to increase your ad revenue as a blogger

If you have a blog and you aren’t signed up for an ad network, you are simply leaving money on the table. Having ads displayed on your blog is a great way to generate passive income. Ads get filled throughout your site, and you generate money when they get viewed and even clicked on.

There is also a way to optimize your ad revenue to ensure you are earning the MOST from your ad network. Let’s dive into how to increase your ad revenue with a few simple strategies.

How To Increase Your Ad Revenue On Your Blog

First, let’s make sure you’re signed up with an ad network. You can learn more about our best ad networks for bloggers here. Some ad publishers may have a pageview threshold to meet. Keep this in mind when applying especially if you’re close to another platform’s minimum. Some ad networks may lock you into a year-long contract so be sure to read the fine print.

Now that you’re signed up, you’ll want to optimize your ads through a few different strategies.

Write Longer Posts

One of the best things you can do is to write longer posts. Many of the tips below will help you increase the length of your posts. But longer posts are helpful for your ad revenue because your reader will see more ads, and that will increase your RPM.

What are RPMs? This is your revenue earned per 1000 pageviews or sessions. More eyes on your blog with more ads throughout that content, higher RPM.

Longer posts mean higher word count, larger font, more images and so on. We’ll dive more into those below.

how to increase your ad revenue

Write Quality And Relevant Content

This should be your goal no matter what. But when it comes to ad revenue, quality content is key. We want to be writing helpful relevant content that grabs the attention of readers and keep them on your blog for as long as possible.

If you’re writing about a personal post about how your day is going, brands won’t know what your post is really about to place quality ads on it. But if you’re writing a really high quality review of a product, you can bet that that brand, and it’s competitors, are going to want to be on that post.

This is why SEO and writing quality content is key to growth in your blog business. Learn more about SEO here.

Increase Your Font Size

To help make those posts longer, you should increase your font size. Experts recommend 16 to 22px font size. Adjust accordingly that you see fit. This will automatically make your posts longer allowing for more ads to be displayed.

Add More Page Breaks

Another way to make those posts longer is to add more page breaks. This means shorter paragraphs! Keep them to about 3-4 sentences. You heard that right! Page breaks allow space for ads to populate. Without page breaks, ads won’t be inserted. More page breaks, mean more opportunity for ads to be filled.

Add More Images

If your post just has one featured image and that’s it, you are missing out. Add in a few more images throughout your post to make it longer. You can also add pin-style images so that people can pin the image to their Pinterest adding to your reach.

Images should be relevant. Never add unnecessary content to your posts just to make them longer. Google will notice, and so will your readers, and in turn, your ad revenue won’t increase at all.

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How To Improve Your Current Blog

You’re probably now wondering how you can optimize your blog by doing these things. Do you need to update EVERY single blog post?

Absolutely not.

The best way to spend your time when it comes to updating old posts with these strategies, is to look at your Google Analytics. See which are your top performing blog posts. More traffic, more opportunity to make money.

Choose maybe 20-30 of these posts and start updating them. Break up paragraphs, add more headings, insert new images.

By updating your font size, sitewide this will have an impact so no need to worry about that!

And then, going forward, all new blog posts should be written with these tips in mind. Eventually, you will find yourself in a habit to write shorter paragraphs.

See, I’m doing it all the time now!

This will make a HUGE impact in increasing your ad network revenue.

Once you have some ad network data…

Once your ads are running for a while, you can then start to see which posts have high RPMs, which posts have high CPMS (meaning advertisers are paying a lot of mone for those posts) and this can start to guide you on what to optimize next. We love this tutorial from Mediavine that we try to review every few weeks.

Are you ready to increase those ad network revenues?

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