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How To Grow Your LTK Following

how to grow your ltk following

Are you an influencer looking to maximize your earnings through With the platform’s potential for earning affiliate revenue, it’s no wonder the competition is fierce. But fear not, because we’ve got you covered with powerful and totally free strategies for growing your LTK profile.

From engagement tactics to optimizing your content, we’ll outline five key steps to help you succeed. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the secrets of growing your following and earning more affiliate revenue as an influencer.

Secrets On How To Grow Your LTK Following So You Can Earn More Affiliate Revenue

If you’re looking for even more tips, tricks, and guidance on how to optimize your LTK profile, posts and growing not only your following but also revenue, we share even more information and tutorials in The Affiliate Academy. Enroll today so you can see your affiliate revenue soar!

Engage Your Audience

One effective way to grow your following is by engaging with your audience. This means responding to comments and DMs. Showing your audience that you genuinely care about them and their interests can help build a loyal following who will be more likely to support you and purchase products through your affiliate links.

In addition to responding to comments and DMs, consider using Instagram’s features like polls, questions, and quizzes to encourage audience engagement. This can also provide valuable insight into what your audience is interested in and what types of content they want to see more of.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to share personal anecdotes and experiences with your audience. Building a connection and trust with your followers can go a long way in increasing engagement and driving affiliate sales.

Why is this important even though it’s not in the LTK app? We have to first build a community with trust and an audience that wants to shop through you. If you skip this part, all the sharing in the world is not going to convert as well for you.

Optimize Your Content for LTK

To maximize your earning potential on, it’s important to optimize your content specifically for the platform. This involves creating visually appealing posts that showcase your favorite products and include direct links to purchase through the platform. By doing so, you make it easier for your followers to shop your recommendations and earn a commission on each sale.


Let’s chat images. LTK recently came out letting us know that styled photos perform best. This means photos of you wearing something, applying makeup, or showcasing decor in your home. These don’t have to be professional photos necessarily. But having a photo of the product in it’s element is key.


While some people swear by collages, and they are good to mix in, don’t rely solely on this. Collages are great to share a roundup of product you may have discussed on your IG Stories. Or if you want to call out a great sale happening.

Sometimes these are just quick and easy to make and are a good option if you don’t have time to take a styled photo. The one problem with collages though is that if someone screenshots your photo to shop, it’s not a guarantee they will get your LTK post to shop. If someone else has used the same stock image, they may get sent that instead.

While I don’t think a ton of users are using the screenshot to shop feature, it’s something to keep in mind. You can avoid this by tweaking the design in Canva to have your logo and other things that stand out.

Use Hashtags

One easy way to get started with optimizing your content is to feature LTK-specific hashtags on your posts, such as #liketkit or #LTKunder50. These tags help your content get discovered by users browsing the platform and can lead to increased engagement and sales.

You should also be adding a handful of your own hashtags that reflect the content you’re sharing. Add 3-5 to each LTK post.

Product Tagging

We dive into this in great detail in The Affiliate Academy on product tagging as it directly effects your income. From what to add, retailers to choose from, and how many products to include. You can learn more and enroll today here.

tips to grow your ltk following

Share Your LTK Profile To Your Other Platforms

By now you know that building your following on is a crucial step in your affiliate marketing journey. You’ve optimized your posts, engaged with your followers, and used LTK’s tools to track your performance. But what’s the next step to take your growth to the next level? Share your LTK profile to your other platforms

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can be an incredibly powerful tool for driving traffic to your LTK page. By using the link sticker feature to include a link to your LTK look, you simplify the shopping process for your followers and give them direct access to your recommendations. Not only does this increase the likelihood of making a sale, but it also reinforces your expertise and authority as a fashion influencer.

Don’t be afraid to regularly promote your LTK profile on your Stories and encourage your followers to check it out. It’s even important to educate your followers HOW it works. Don’t assume they know what LTK is or why it benefits you.

You can even use features like polls or quizzes to engage your audience and make your Stories more interactive. By consistently sharing your LTK content and linking back to your profile, you can create a loyal fanbase that will continue to grow over time.


One of my favorite ways to drive sales is to share an LTK look or My Products to my newsletter subscribers. If you aren’t working on growing this platform for your business, now is the time to start. It is hands down my #1 regret as an influencer by not focusing on this from day one.


Don’t forget to share your LTK feed on your blog as well. Creating a shopping destination is a great way to encourage followers who like to visit your blog to shop your looks.

Need more help in learning how to use the LTK widget in your blog and growing your affiliate revenue? Or how to create the perfect shopping destination on your blog for Instagram and TikTok? Enroll today in The Affiliate Academy where we walk you through each and every tool of LTK from widgets, to boutiques, your LTK profile and more!

The Auto-Follow Feature

By actively promoting your LTK profile, you can slowly but surely attract more followers. However, there’s a more efficient way of growing your audience on the platform.’s auto-follow feature allows you to follow users who interact with your posts.

Once they engage with your content, they automatically get added to your following list. This means that you can easily grow your following without spending too much time or effort interacting with others on the platform.

How does it work? The auto-follow feature is automatic and you don’t even have to do a thing. Except to SHARE your link! Anytime someone clicks on your LTK link and gets to the LTK app, they will automatically start following you. The link can be your LTK Shop, a Collection or a link to your LTK post.

You can learn more about the auto-follow feature here from LTK.

Collaborate With Other Influencers

Since the auto-follow feature is a great way to grow your following, it could be really beneficial to collaborate with other influencers here. You could get together with a few like-minded and similar influencers to share your LTK posts with their audience and cross-promote.

Because we are sharing to the same audience over and over, it can be tough to see your follower count grow. Eventually, you sort of feel like you’re plateauing. And that’s totally normal. By getting your LTK link in front of a new audience, you can guarantee some new followers that haven’t seen your content before and will auto-follow once they click the link.

Growing Your Following Won’t Guarantee You More Money

Let’s get this misconception out of the way here. Just because you have a ton of followers, or increase your following, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll instantly make more money. Sure you may increase slightly. But the real question is, what selling strategies are you providing to your audience to prime them to convert? If you’re missing this piece, you can have all the followers in the world and not make a lot on LTK.

If you’re struggling to share content with your audience that converts, enroll today in The Affiliate Academy. We cover how to increase your conversions through various strategies on your blog, social media and even within the LTK app.

Growing your following is not an overnight process, but it is definitely worth the effort. By engaging with your audience, collaborating with other influencers, optimizing your content for LTK, sharing your LTK profile on IG stories, and the perks of the auto-follow feature, you will see your following and affiliate revenue increase.

Remember, as an influencer, your focus should always be on providing value to your audience. With this in mind, start implementing these tips today and watch as your LTK following and earnings grow. And the real hard truth, this does take time. Be patient, but consistent. And always be sharing at a cadence that you can keep up with.

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