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How to Get Your Blog Ready for the Holidays

How to Get Your Blog Ready for the Holidays | The Blog Societies

We shared these tips in our bi-monthly newsletter (if you’re not subscribed, you should be!) and we thought it would be good to share in this week’s Learn post.

The holiday season is upon us! If you’re regularly working with brands, chances are you’re already decorating and creating content for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you haven’t started yet, there’s still time! Today, we’re sharing how to get your blog ready for the holiday season. 

How to Get Your Blog Ready for the Holidays

  1. Plan Out Your Content Early – In the next couple of weeks, take some time to sit and plan out your content. Research recipes, home decor, outfits, tutorials, and look for inspiration on Pinterest.
  2. Update & Reuse Past Holiday Content – Go through your old holiday posts and see if there’s anything you can update and reuse. Update affiliate links and outdated information, edit content when needed, and make a winnable image. (We have a post about other ways to recirculate old blog posts here!)
  3. Reach Out to Brands You’ve Worked With This Year – Brands save most of their advertising dollars for the holidays. If you worked with a brand and had a great experience, shoot them an email and ask if they would like to collaborate for the holidays.
  4. Use Your Newsletter for Gift Guides & Sale Round-ups – Utilize that email list and do weekly newsletters on your gift guides and sale round-ups. Make sure you promote this to your followers that if they subscribe they’ll get that exclusive content!
  5. Use Your Platform for Good – Yes, this is a great time to get brand collaborations and affiliate income but use your platform for good. Encourage giving back or donating to a specific charity or encouraging to donate their time to an organization. The best part of this season is giving back!
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