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How To Get Your Blog Ready For The Holidays

How to Get Your Blog Ready for the Holidays | The Blog Societies

The holiday season is just around the corner! If you’re regularly working with brands, chances are you’re decorating and creating content for Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks if not months in advance.

Get a head start in September with some of these tips. But if you haven’t started yet, there’s still time! Today, we’re sharing how to get your blog ready for the holidays. 

How to Get Your Blog Ready For The Holidays

Plan Out Your Content Early

In the next couple of weeks, take some time to sit and plan out your content. Research recipes, home decor, outfits, tutorials, and look for inspiration on Pinterest. Decide what sort of content you want to share so you can then head to the next steps!

Update & Reuse Past Holiday Content

Go through your old holiday posts and see if there’s anything you can update and reuse. Update affiliate links and outdated information, edit content when needed, and make a winnable image.

You can find these top posts by going through your Google Analytics in past holiday seasons to see what performed well. Or maybe you had a post that you really loved the photos, but the content could be improved upon.

Once you’ve figured out what posts you want to reshare, make a plan on when and how you’ll share them. Make new pins, turn them into Reels and IG post and so on. You can also get these posts shared to Pinterest early as people start researching holiday content as early as July!

And don’t forget to update these posts with any new photos, fresh internal links to new posts you may have written, and of course, update those affiliate links!

Never recirculated a blog post before? Learn how to recirculate blog posts here.

how to get your blog ready for the holidays

Reach Out to Brands You’ve Worked With This Year

Brands save most of their advertising dollars for the holidays. If you worked with a brand and had a great experience, shoot them an email and ask if they would like to collaborate for the holidays. Get some of our best pitching tips here!

Plus, now that you have a plan of action for what you want to recirculate, you can then see where you want to focus in terms of content creation. Maybe you have a lot of recipes already done, so you can focus on fashion. Or if you are a food blogger and realize you need some more holiday cocktails you can put your energy into finding sponsors in that category.

Analyzing your past content and creating a plan for how to reuse it for the season will help you pitch more strategically. This will also help you feel less overwhelmed when you have some direction.

tips to prep your influencer business for the holiday season

Use Your Newsletter for Gift Guides & Sale Round-ups

Utilize that email list and do weekly newsletters on your gift guides and sale round-ups. Make sure you promote this to your followers so that if they subscribe they’ll get that exclusive content!

You may even want to create a free holiday freebie to opt in for readers. A few fun holiday opt-ins could be a Thanksgiving day checklist or a guide to hosting guests. PS here are our newsletter freebie ideas if you want to start growing your subscriber list.

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Use Your Platform for Good 

Yes, this is a great time to get brand collaborations and affiliate income but use your platform for good. Encourage giving back or donating to a specific charity or encouraging to donate their time to an organization. The best part of this season is giving back!

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