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How To Earn $500 A Day On Affiliate Links

How To Earn $500 A Day On Affiliate Links -

Influencers can earn revenue in several different ways. And one way that everyone seems to be trying to master, is earning money through affiliate links with LikeToKnow.it. It is now known as Shop.LTK, but is also frequently referred to as simply LTK. This is the rewardStyle app that allows you to monetize your images or video.

This really is essential for bloggers and influencers to utilize to maximize their earning potential. Your readers can follow you in the app, or you can always link to it in Stories, or it’s a way to add a shopping page to your blog with a grid of shoppable images.

We asked one of our members, Jessica of Coco & Kenzie, how she can sometimes earn $500 in ONE day using the LTK app. Here’s what she had to say about maximizing this app to work for you and your audience. Here’s how to earn more money on LTK.

The Brands

It’s super helpful to share a small amount of similar brands that work for you and your audience. By sticking to a few brands, you become more of an expert on these fits and styles.

You can start to also capture an audience specifically for those brands. Definitely try other brands here and there to test the waters, but you may find a few brands work best and it’s totally fine to lean into those the most. Like the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Talk To The Camera

Jessica literally said STORIES STORIES STORIES. Utilize your stories to talk to your audience by doing try-on hauls. Talking TO the camera and your audience is the best way to convert on the app, according to Jessica.

She went to fashion school and understands how to discuss fit and fabric which is a helpful way for audiences to better understand how items may fit on their own body. She finds that doing videos for try-ons converts way more than just collages and photos.

You can always do BOTH so that there are options. Use Canva to make easy collages that are branded for your blog and then also make your videos or screengrabs of your try-on shoppable as well.

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Use Captions

To be accessible to a larger audience, always use captions in your stories. This makes it accessible to all users whether they have the volume up or down, or are unable to hear your videos.

Be Honest, Descriptive, And Clear

Your audience will respect your suggestions more if you’re honest about the items you’re trying on. Talk about the size and fit, and be honest if things fit weird in a spot or if something is sheer. This allows people to make more confident purchases that won’t end up as a return.

Also, make sure to be clear and descriptive. Speak clearly, use captions as backup, and provide as much description as possible.

Be True To Who You Are

Jessica says to make sure what you share is in line with your brand. If your brand focuses on affordable casual style don’t do a try-on haul of 20 sequin dresses for no reason. It’s wasted energy and your audience won’t stick around for it.

Keep Things Short and Sweet

Doing 75 stories of a try-on that just goes on and on and on will result in bored users who simply tap through to the next story. You know that feeling when you tap into someone’s stories and there are just teeny tiny dots at the top. It’s too much!

Jessica likes to pick 3-5 things that are amazing that she wants her audience to know about and then go from there. Also, make sure to stay organized and to the point. Audiences can get overwhelmed easily and want quick and instant information.


Audiences don’t automatically know how to shop through their favorite blogger. Every so often make sure you educate your audience on how to shop and where they can support you.

Transparency is key! You’ll build trust and slowly but surely turn Instagram followers into LTK shoppers.

Add A Page To Your Blog

We are firm believers in using your blog as much as possible. It’s the only thing you own. You can easily add a shop page to your blog with a grid of shoppable images from the Shop.LTK app.

This means you’ll get the blog traffic (which helps to increase your pageviews) and keep your readers on YOUR website. Instead of handing over pageviews to a different app.

Add a shop page with your grid of images and a link for readers to follow you in the app as well if they want to. When sharing your content on Stories, link to this page instead of the app so you can capture those readers. This will grow your pageviews and can potentially grow your newsletter.

Thanks to Jessica of Coco & Kenzie for sharing her tips for maximizing your earnings on Shop.LTK. You can follow Jessica on Instagram here and on the Shop.LTK app here.

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