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Behind The Blog With Hillary of Hillheady

Hillheady Charleston Style Blog

What’s the name of your blog?


Where do you live?

Charleston, South Carolina

Tell us how did you start your blog and what did it take to get to where it is today?

I started Hillheady (which is a combination of my first name Hillary and last name Conheady) in 2016. At the time, I had just moved to Brooklyn a week after graduating from college and on the hunt for my first big girl job in the fashion industry. Our apartment didn’t have wifi, so I was spending a lot of time in the Starbucks a couple blocks away. In between all of my job applications, I decided to start a blog to add to my resume and stand out. Now that I live in Charleston and no longer work in fashion, I’ve used my blog as a way to stay connected to my first passion, the fashion industry.

Hillheady Charleston Style Blog

Take us behind the blog, what does a typical work day look like?

In addition to working on my blog, I work part-time at a social media firm here in Charleston. I wake up at 6:30am every morning to get in some blog work before I head into the office at 9:00am. Once I get off at 5:00pm, it’s back to my home office to get in a few more hours of work on my blog. It does get difficult balancing two jobs while also trying to set aside time for family, friends, and just overall relaxation time, but I always enjoy being busy because it means good things are happening!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who is just getting started

You’re going to feel silly in front of the camera and maybe a little embarrassed, but embrace it and be proud!

What’s been your most favorite project or post you’ve worked on for your blog?

I am a proud Alabama alum (if you follow along, you know!), so being able to work with The University of Alabama after we won the National Championship was such a cool experience! I got to showcase all of the new National Championship gear with my other favorite Alabama fan, my dad!

Hillheady Charleston Blogger

Blogger or Influencer? What do you consider yourself and why?

Definitely a blogger! I frequently blog and update my website and that’s something I’m very proud of. Our blog is the only thing we truly own and I’ve truly made it a priority to fully embody the term “blogger”. I love having a website that my followers can always reference if they need a new dress or a new pair of shoes.

Which social media platform do you wish you knew more about or dedicated more time to

Pinterest! I’ve made this year my year of Pinterest because I’ve heard so many great things about what it can do for your blog! Plus, it’s a great source for inspiration!

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