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Founders Series – What Makes A Great Post Submission

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Every day here on The Blog Societies, we feature one of our amazing members in a post on our homepage. Whether we’re introducing you to a new digital publisher via a MEET spotlight, or showcasing your work/tips in a LEARN, WEAR, DIY or EAT post, there are things we look for when it comes to post submissions that can make you stand out from the crowd. So as the one that does all our monthly post features (that’s me, Cathy on the right!) here are my Top 5 Tips to help see your face on The Blog Societies Homepage:

  1. An ABOUT ME page – Make sure your About Page gives a short, but accurate description of the topics your site covers, as well as a hi-res photo of yourself. Choose a photo of you by yourself (not with your husband or friends, unless your blog is managed by two or more people), wearing a great everyday outfit (not your wedding dress or formal gown). As an example, we love this About Page from Living in Color Print!
  2. High Quality Photography – For the posts I create, all of our photos are vertical images that measure 700 px wide. It’s important your images are at that range, or little larger, so I can easily crop it down/size it to fit into the post. Photos also must be clear (not-blurry/not in focus), bright and eye-catching. A great example of photography we love is bethcakes!
  3. Unique Content – Of all the post submissions we receive each month, about 75% of them are for WEAR posts. Which is amazing, we love seeing your looks, but you’re more likely to be featured if you submit for our other categories outside of styled outfits. And if you are submitting an outfit post for a WEAR feature, make sure you’re showing something season appropriate that is a cool trend people should try, or a piece that really is eye catching.
  4. LEARN posts – On Tuesdays is when we highlight LEARN posts, and they alway receive the most engagement from our readers, but is the least-submitted category. Highlight a topic that bloggers don’t typically see, like Alicia and her post on tips for doing your taxes!
  5. Submit Consistently – In our little two person show, Jessica is the person who works on accepting applicants and sending them all their information to be a member of TBS. For me, I work on these monthly submissions. That means I become very familiar with our bloggers, as I’m constantly looking at member sites almost every single day. With that, I’m able to track who submits consistently each month, and I’m likely to keep going back to see what new things you’re working on when I know the quality of the content you produce. While this isn’t what determines who is featured each month, it does help certain members stick out in my mind when I’m on the hunt for the perfect post!
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